The 5 Butt Shapes: Which One Are You?. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

Do you know your butt type? If not, this is your chance.

A butt’s shape has to do with the placement of the pelvis, hip bones, fat distribution, gluteal muscles, and how those muscles attach to the thigh bone. All of these factors are largely due to genetics, but also lifestyle choices.

Knowing your butt type can help you know which underwear provides the best fit, so you look and feel beautiful.

#1: V-Shape

The 5 Butt Shapes: Which One Are You?. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

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The V-shape buttocks is often seen on women who have narrow hips. The pelvis and hips turn inward to make the buttocks wide at the top and narrow at the bottom (hence the V-shape).

Women with this shape look best with boy shorts, hipsters, and briefs. They cover the cheeks, but expose the bottom just enough to make it seem as though the cheeks are lifted.

#2: Square Shape

The hip bone and outer thigh are the same width. This recreates a square shape behind.

Square derrieres do best with thongs, bikinis and tangas. They expose more skin, and the styles can make the buttocks look less square-like.

#3: Round

A round butt is the easiest to identify. It’s simply round going from the tail bone, over to the sides, and then below. This is the preferred buttocks right now with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, J Lo, and others showing off their rounded behinds.

Full coverage underwear is best for this type. Ones that have ruching in the crease can really make the cheeks look attractively plump.

#4: The A

The A-shaped derriere is often see on women who have a pear shaped body. They usually become wide below the hip bones.

The best underwear for this shape are high cut styles. Boy shorts and bikinis work well, especially if they are lacey or seamless.

#5: Upside Down Heart

This classic butt type is like the round one but the top turns inward. The outer hips come together, while the lower part is full.

Most women with this shape have fuller hips, so panties with large leg holes are best. Briefs, boy shorts, and hipsters are the excellent choices. Look for panties that fall right at the buttock’s crease to make it seem like a butt lift.

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