Fad diets are nothing new. From the Atkins to the South Beach to the Paleo, every year new fads come and go. Are these easy “miracle” diets a good idea? Will they give you the results you’re looking for? Let’s take a look at the latest diet fad “The 100” and few other trendy diets from 2013 to get an idea of which diets are–or aren’t the best approach.

“The 100”

Introduced through Jorge Cruise’s new book, “The 100” diet severely limits sugar and carbohydrate intake to just 100 calories a day. “The 100” emphasizes protein and vegetables, with some unrestricted foods. It’s simple, eliminates sugar, and doesn’t limit portions much, but you may find yourself feeling deprived, and cutting out all carbs isn’t necessarily the secret to long-term health.

“Paleo”Best Foods for Healing

The Paleo diet focuses on only foods people would have had access to during paleolithic times. While this eliminates processed food, grains, and extra sugar, it could lead to too much fat consumption and high cholesterol. Many people report feeling better and losing a lot of weight, however.

“The 8-Hour Diet”

You can eat anything you want–but only during an eight hour window each day. The perks? Eating whatever you want. The downsides? Confusing your metabolism and not focusing on healthy food! This diet is no way to maintain good health.

General Trends for 2013

Diets for 2013 seem to be mostly focusing on preventing deprivation, emphasizing  protein and vegetables, and avoiding sugar. While all of these motives are positive, a better idea is to stick to the basics, and not resort to extremes. Weight loss does not–and should not– happen overnight.

Eat a balanced diet of whole foods with lots of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and some good fats. Exercise, don’t overeat, and limit processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. Though trends change, the basics of healthy eating do not. Set yourself up for a lifetime of health by taking care of your body the right way.

Problem Areas?

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