Thailand plastic surgery show leaves man unrecognizable to his mom. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY in Manhattan and Long Island. 212.206.0023
Thai man's facial plastic surgery leaves him unrecognizable to his own mother. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in Commack and NYC. 631.499.1831

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One of Thailand’s hottest reality shows, “Let Me In Thailand,” recently featured a young man whose life was changed forever after receiving plastic surgery as a participant on the show.

Noppajit Monlin is a 22-year-old young man who suffered from serious facial deformities since birth. These aesthetic issues caused him to feel isolated, to have very few friends, and to be bullied. As one can imagine, Noppajit told the television show that he felt very self-conscious about his looks, and that he had a very poor self-image.

An Unrecognizable Transformation

The premise of this show is to bring people on who have aesthetic complaints and want them to be fixed by the surgeons who offer their services. In this case, Noppajit applied to be on the show due to a twisted jaw, uneven facial features, a skin condition, and salivary glands under the tongue that were overproducing saliva.

The TV show selected him among a large pool of applicants, and his entire journey was documented from his life before surgery through his aesthetic procedures, and finally to his introduction to his mother after recovery.

In all, he had the following cosmetic enhancements done:

  • Surgery to correct torsion (twisting) of the lower jaw
  • Forehead surgery to correct deep depressions above each temple
  • Eye lift surgery to lift the upper eyelids
  • Treatments to correct skin irregularities in tone and texture
  • Rhinoplasty to slim and straighten the nasal bridge and lift the tip
  • Injections to paralyze the salivary glands under his tongue

What has gone viral is his mother’s reaction: she not only cried uncontrollably, she didn’t recognize her own son! She kept asking him, “Is it really you?” Noppajit reassured her repeatedly that he was her son, and that he was thrilled with the changes. Sadly, his mother concluded that she missed the way his “natural face” used to look, and she wished she could have her old son back again.

Natural Looking Facial Plastic Surgery in NYC and Commack

The moral of this story is that sometimes plastic surgery can provide recipients with a greater sense of confidence in their appearance. However, in this case, the young man’s mother was ill-prepared for just how much her son’s face would change, and that’s unfortunate. Hopefully, she will soon get used to her son’s new appearance; she can use old photos as reminders of the way he used to look.

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