Everyone knows that smoking is very dangerous to your health and can lead to heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, and a variety of other cancers and lung ailments. Cigarette addiction can be sneaky, escalating quickly.

Once you’re addicted, it can seem almost impossible to quit. If you need a bit more motivation to kick the habit, here are some facts about how smoking can negatively affect your appearance and keep you from the body, youthful glow, and beautiful appearance you desire.

Skin & Wrinkling

Cigarettes age people prematurely.Pictures of long-term smokers reveal the truth: cigarettes age people prematurely. Wrinkling, sagging skin and fat, and an overall dull complexion are all side-effects of smoking, which introduces dangerous toxins to the body and robs skin of vital oxygen.

Eye Bags

Sagging skin and fat often shift below the eyes, causing a sad and tired appearance. This is a natural side effect of aging, but smoking will greatly speed up this process. Upper and/or lower blepharoplasty (eyelift surgery) is the only effective method for treatment.

Age Spots

In addition to wrinkling and sagging skin, smoking can change the pigment of the skin, yellowing the fingers and triggering unsightly brown age spots prematurely. These are permanent skin spots, but may be improved with laser procedures or other resurfacing treatments such as peels or microdermabrasion.

Teeth & Hair

Many people experience thinning hair or dull, dried-out locks that never look vibrant and healthy. Smokers also tend to have yellow teeth (from smoke staining) and unpleasant breath.


Though smokers often weigh less than non-smokers, smoking is not a healthy way to speed up metabolism or lose weight. Much like yo-yo dieting, smoking can interfere with hormone levels, make losing weight more difficult in the future, and can also cause fat to settle in strange places.

Fixing the Damage

If your smoking habit has already affected your appearance, plastic surgery can reduce or even reverse some of that damage. Popular anti-aging treatments at our Manhattan and Long Island plastic surgery centers include BOTOX, stem cell skin care, fat transfer to the face, dermal fillers, eyelift, brow lift, neck lift, and facial plastic surgery.

Remember, you will need to quit smoking at least two weeks prior to any surgical procedure and agree not to start up again afterward. If you’re ready to stop smoking and take back control of your body, call our offices today to set up a complimentary consultation with our acclaimed highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

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