brazilian_butt_lift_new_york_squat_blogOne question that many people may have before they finally pay a visit to our Brazilian butt lift New York practice is what other alternative there may be to gain a more shapely booty.

A quick glance through just about any magazine rack may lead you to the impression that exercise alone can turn your rump into something newsworthy.

Myths about the Brazilian Butt Lift

Let’s take a look at one of the most common misconceptions about building and sculpting the rear.

Probably one of the first avenues that may be taken to improve the appearance of the backside is exercise.  Squats, in particular, are thought to provide a great pathway to a more curvaceous backside.

According to experts, there are several factors that come into play when using squats to tone and tighten the glutes.  In this exercise, the quads and other supporting muscles assist the gluteus maximus in lifting and lowering body weight.

However, done regularly and with the right amount of added weight, this exercise has shown to produce a shapelier rump.  This does not mean, however, that your booty will look like Kim Kardashian’s after doing many sets of squat exercises.

Body Specifics in Relation to Buttocks Exercise

It is important to consider how the body works when you want to make a significant improvement to your booty.  Of course, exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle and does improve the aesthetic of just about any body part.

However, women do not have the type of hormone production that leads to drastically increased muscle size.  This means that a woman could perform as many squats as a male counterpart and the results of their exercise would be dramatically different.

Indeed, the idea that the butt can be built up with exercise is no different than thinking that breasts will become larger by performing daily dumbbell flies and chest presses.

Modern medicine knows that the butt, like the breasts, consists mainly of fat, not muscle.  Therefore, a bigger butt may best be acquired through treatment at our fat transfer New York centers.

Working with What Nature Gave You

It is possible that some people may benefit from toning the backside.  However, you cannot build up what is not already there.  When there is very little fat on the butt, no amount of exercise is going to make this area larger, just as is true with breast tissue.  You can only improve on what is already there.

What our Brazilian Butt Lift New York Surgeons Can Do for You

In our practice, we work with you to create a backside that is in optimal proportion to the rest of your body.

In order for this cosmetic procedure to work, there must be an adequate amount of fat in another area of the body, as this excess fat is what is used to skillfully create the ideal contours of a bigger butt.

Once the safe and effective procedure is completed in our centers, the patient may find great benefit in the performance of squats, as this exercise does promote toned muscles for a lifted appearance.

To learn how the Brazilian Butt Lift may benefit your overall physique, contact us at 212.206.0023 or 631.499.1831 for your free consultation.

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