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Post-Op Skin Care for Facelift Patients:

The routine used to care for skin differs somewhat based on the type of procedure from our facelift NYC and Long Island surgeons.

When the facelift procedure has been completed, the patient will need to manage swelling and address surgical incisions with special care to minimize scarring.

In addition to these special considerations, it is also necessary to establish what the daily skin care routine will be.  In managing these three aspects from the onset of the healing process, the patient allows him or herself the best possible results from treatment.

Addressing Specific Aspects of Healing

In the first days following surgery, patients may simply use ice packs or cold compresses to minimize swelling and discomfort.  This practice will likely only be necessary for two or three days, as each day healing progresses.

The facelift patient is also advised to sleep and rest with his or her head elevated above the heart to decrease the amount of swelling that takes place.

Tips for New Habits After Face Lift Surgery

In the first week or so after surgery, it is common for the patient to experience soreness.  Still, it will be necessary to begin the regular skin care routine at this time.

This will not only facilitate the healing process but will also decrease the build-up of dirt and skin particles in pores.  Face washing should be done very gently and carefully, using mild soap and astringent.

To keep the area moisturized, the patient may use a non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Sunscreen - an Important Aspect of Skin Care

Once a patient is ready to venture outside after his or her face lift, sun protection is vitally important.  This is true in the days that follow treatment and as an ongoing practice.  Ideally, the sunscreen used will block both alpha and beta rays (UVA/UVB), and contain an SPF of 30 or higher.

Higher SPF sunscreens tend to block pores, so adequate washing at night after using a high SPF product is recommended.  Although sunscreen provides a barrier between you and the sun, it is also recommended that a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses be worn following a facelift.

Hydration comes through Various Avenues

In addition to using moisturizer and sunscreen on the face for hydration, this also comes from the inside out.  Drinking plenty of fluids - at least eight large glasses of water a day - rejuvenates skin and flushes toxins from the body.  When washing the face, keeping water warm rather than very hot minimizes dryness as well.

Wearing makeup after surgery should wait until the skin has adequately healed.  Many estheticians recommend that patients wear mineral makeup as this is gentler on the skin while still providing adequate coverage.  If bruising is still present, the patient may apply a base that offsets the color of bruising.

For instance, a green base will balance redness or purple bruising and even out skin tone.  A mineral powder should always be worn over a base to create a flawless look.

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*This page does not communicate the full list of complete risks and potential complications from this surgery. To receive a list of post-op risks & complications, please contact our office. There may be additional instructions and warnings for the procedure you have had done. Please be sure to get this complete list from our staff and do not rely solely on the information provided on this page.