Seniors Choosing Plastic Surgery in New York More Than Ever

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As we age, the face and body begin to show the tell tale signs of getting older.

The anti-aging business is growing by the day and seniors are a huge part of the total number of New Yorkers seeking plastic surgery.


Why Are Baby Boomers Flocking to the Fountain of Youth?

Of course, there is no real Fountain of Youth. However, the idea that one can turn back the hands of time and look younger than their actual age has always been an appealing prospect.

The top 5 reasons we’re seeing more patients in their Golden Years is because:

  1. People are living longer and they don’t want the mirror to reflect their age.
  2. A youthful appearance reflects their healthy lifestyle; they want to look as good as they feel.
  3. Seniors are working longer and need to stay competitive.
  4. Dating apps and websites for seniors make it much easier for dating. They want to look appealing to the opposite sex.
  5. Techniques today are safer, more effective, and more affordable than in the past.


Surgical Versus Non-Surgical Procedures for Seniors

The most popular surgical procedures, according to Dr. Robert Feins, a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS):

  • FACE: Facelift, eye lift, brow lift, cheek & chin augmentation, rhinoplasty.
  • BODY: Liposuction, breast surgery, abdominoplasty, and lift procedures.

The most popular non-surgical procedures:

  • Injections to relax facial muscles.
  • Facial fillers for wrinkles, creases, and to plump lips and restore cheek volume.
  • Facial fat transfer (all natural facial filler using the patients’ body fat).
  • Laser skin resurfacing.


Is It Riskier for Seniors to Have Surgery?

According to several studies released in the last 12 months, the answer is no. Unless the patient has medical issues with their blood sugar, heart, or blood clotting ability.

Certain medications can also increase the risk of complications, so each patient needs a full medical workup to determine if they are healthy enough for surgery.


Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Offers Highly-Qualified Surgeons

In order to have the best outcome and the safest procedure, always choose a fully-qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon. Our team has many years of experience providing patients with safe outcomes and stunning results.

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