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Social media fanatics love their selfies. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have people snapping pictures of themselves and posting them for reactions from their followers. This fun trend has brought many people together, but it’s also brought plastic surgeons more business.

When people take selfies of themselves, they often criticize the photo before posting it. If they don’t like it, they delete it, and take another one. Often times, when they take a second picture, they will turn a different way, use a filter, or just keep that part of their body out of it.

This might seem like a simple solution for when someone doesn’t like a certain part of their body, but for many, it’s not possible. This is what leads some people to seek plastic surgery.

One Selfie’s Plastic Surgery Story

Christa Hendershot recently turned to cosmetic surgery because she wanted the perfect hand shot for her wedding ring. When she first took the picture, she didn’t like how her hand looked in it. She said her hands look veiny and her knuckles were red.

To make her hands look better, she had hand rejuvenation. This is a procedure that injects synthetic filler into the first layer of the hands. The results are plumper hands, which makes the veins less visible.

Social media hasn’t only led to plastic surgery for the hands. According to dermatologist Dr. David Bank, “The rise in social media is a reason people are getting a ton of stuff done, not just their hands.” People are seeking procedures for many parts of their body such as their nose and lips just to make their selfies look better.

An Ounce of Prevention (and Change) Goes a Long Way

While plastic surgery can help people look and feel better, there is a way to prevent some of the issues people have with their appearance. For the hands, treat them just as well as your face. Be sure to use sunscreen on them and moisturize them regularly.

As for your nose, try positioning your head down or up to change the way your nose looks at each angle. The lips can be enhanced with lipstick specifically designed to plump lips. Bright reds and pinks are perfect colors to accentuate your lips and make them look full and beautiful in your next selfie.

Thinking About Selfie Plastic Surgery? We Can Help!

When you can’t make your selfies better with these solutions, it’s possible cosmetic surgery can help. We offer a no charge consultation at our offices in Commack, Long Island and Manhattan.

Our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons will listen to your concerns and provide you with an aesthetic solution that can help. Feel free to bring in a selfie to share what you’d like changed.

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