For someone choosing to have rhinoplasty surgery, it is most likely for one of two reasons: reconstruction of the nose to allow for better breathing or to simply change the aesthetics of the nose.

Whether getting a rhinoplasty in NYC or Long Island, our nose job New York offices offer delicately performed expert surgery to ensure either improved breathing or improved nose contour for each of our patients.

Breathing Easy is a Luxury for Some

Being able to breathe easily is something most people take for granted. Having an obstructed nasal cavity, however, can make easy breathing non-existent.

Such things as a deviated septum will make it hard for air to enter through the nose and could be the cause of sinus infections, sleep apnea, nosebleeds, snoring, and of course difficulty breathing.

Unexpected Side Effects of a Deviated Septum

Not being able to properly breath through the nose due to a deviated septum can result in a lack of physical activity such as sports and exercise, which are difficult when someone is unable to catch a full breath.

If whistling or loud noises occur when they exert themselves, they are even less likely to go out and work up a sweat. This can lead to anxiety and even depression as the feeling of embarrassment or possibly unhealthiness can set in.

All of those worries can be put to rest starting right now. Through corrective surgery available at our nose job New York in Long Island and NYC centers, troubled breathing can become a thing of the past.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Socially speaking, having a nose job purely for the benefit of appearance was often looked down upon or even considered appalling to some. Today, however, it is no longer a thing to be kept secret and is widely accepted in our society.

The Hollywood streets are filled with examples of surgical enhancement to bring out that star-quality kind of look. Celebrities who have had a nose job include:

  • Keira Knightly
  • Johnny Depp
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Tyra Banks
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Beyoncé
  • Scarlett Johansson

When you look on the faces of these stars you generally don’t jump to the fact that they have had nose surgery, but much rather, you focus on the stunning features they possess. After receiving surgery, a boost in confidence is inevitable as our patients begin to feel less like: “Everyone is looking at my nose” and are instead admiring the overall balance of their features.

Some of our post-rhinoplasty patients even say that they feel like shouting, “Hey everyone, look at my nose!”

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