In Philadelphia, the second trial for damages claimed against Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals ended on March 20, 2015. Unlike the first case, which resulted in the plaintiff receiving a multi-million dollar settlement, this trial ended in favor of the pharma giant.


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About the Plaintiff

A young man named William Cirba and his family brought a lawsuit against the makers of Risperdal after their son developed “tennis ball sized breasts”. The condition that he was diagnosed with is called gynecomastia, or abnormal breast growth in males.

As in the first case brought to trial, this patient was taking the antipsychotic medication as a child. At some point, he developed female-shaped breasts. The word “gynecomastia”, in fact, means “female-like breasts” in Greek.

Young William Cirba’s family took their son to see a doctor after his breasts began to enlarge. It was not mentioned in the litigation summary whether or not the development began during the time he was medicated or whether the condition developed after his discontinued use over the last seven years.


About the Trial

A twelve-person jury ruled on March 20, 2015 that the makers of Risperdal were not responsible for the development of the plaintiff’s breast growth. However, they did find the company guilty of being negligent in warning doctors and patients of the potential risks and side effects of off-label use of their product in pediatric patients.

This ruling has a positive and negative side to it, as described by the plaintiff’s attorney, Thomas R. Kline.

Kline commented: “Any time there is not an award for the plaintiff it’s disappointing. However, this case must be viewed in the larger picture.” This ‘larger picture’ he is speaking of is that in both cases brought against the makers of Risperdal, juries found that Janssen failed to properly warn about possible side effects.

An appeal has already been filed for this latest case.

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