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Science is a marvelous thing. The research that comes out of this field is amazing.  Recently, the University of Kentucky discovered something about fat. There’s white and brown fat. White fat is bad because while it fuels the body, it also is the cause of obesity.

Brown fat is good, however, because the body uses it to generate heat. This type of fat burns faster, which keeps the overall amount of fat in the body at low levels.

What’s even more interesting about this finding is that the researchers have discovered it’s possible to turn white fat into beige (brown) fat – by just using ice!

How It Works

Researchers asked study participants to put an ice pack on their thighs for 30 minutes. They then studied the fat in that area. The researchers found that the ice turned participants’ white fat into beige fat.

Beige fat is just on its way to turning into the good, brown fat. What this says to researchers is that it’s quite possible that with the cooling process, white fat could potentially turn to brown fat.

Since brown fat generates heat, it burns faster, which would result in fat loss.

How This Advancement Relates to Plastic Surgery

This new finding shows that temperature can have a positive impact on fat. SmartlipoTM is a laser technology that targets fat in specific areas of the body. The laser uses heat to melt the fat.

The fat is liquefied by the laser and then can be quickly removed from the treated areas. Any remaining liquefied fat will naturally leave the body.

Even after the procedure, many people noticed additional toning and slimming in the areas they had the SmartlipoTM procedure done.

Want to Learn More about Laser Liposuction?

Many women and men are seeking laser lipo instead of traditional liposuction because it’s minimally invasive and produces little to no scarring.

If you’re interested in an easy (and permanent) way to lose fat in areas that aren’t responding to diet and exercise, contact our double board certified plastic surgeons in Commack, Long Island or New York, NY.

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