Say “No” to Plastic Surgery If This Describes You

There are many beneficial options associated with plastic surgery, from ways to create confidence and happiness with your body to ways to correct birth defects and trauma from an injury.

However, there are also ways NOT to use this aesthetic tool, and it’s important to understand these, as some people go into these procedures with the wrong intentions.

Don’t Use it to…


Satisfy someone else.

How Not to Use Plastic Surgery

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Whether it is a friend, a significant other, or family member, it’s never a good idea to make changes to your appearance in order to satisfy someone else’s desires. Whether or not you choose to get a procedure should center around what you want, not someone else.

Treat a mental disorder.

If you are suffering from depression, an anxiety disorder, or another mental illness, a cosmetic alteration is not an appropriate treatment option. Your mental insecurities and issues will not simply disappear if your body changes, and often times, you will regret the changes you made as a result of your disorder.

Get more attention.

Whether you want others to look at you more or you’re hoping your life will change when you “go viral,” plastic surgery isn’t the answer for getting this sort of attention. Remember how you shouldn’t choose this option for someone else? Well, that certainly applies here as well.

Make money.

A woman recently got an aesthetic procedure to escape her debts. This isn’t a mature or effective solution to problems, of course. It may even leave you stuck with a new issue that is even harder to reverse than debt!

Get revenge.

Did you have a nasty break up and now you want to create a revenge body? Many doctors will tell you revenge is not a healthy reason to make permanent changes to your body. Our best advice is to make an appointment with a therapist to work through those feelings. Then, wait until the angry feelings have passed before revisiting the idea.

How to Use Cosmetic Enhancement

If you want to make physical changes, it should be because YOU want it. You may have something about your appearance you don’t like, or a specific body part that you have always wanted to alter. You may want to look younger or to feel more confident.

As long as you understand the gravity of the procedure you’re undertaking and you’re doing it for the right reasons, this journey can be a good choice. Just remember not to use it in a way that is destructive.

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