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© Mila Supynska - Fotolia.com

As with any medical procedure, plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments require a huge amount of training, education, and dedication to ensure a good outcome and protect the safety and well-being of the patient.

Unfortunately, people often take risks when it comes to plastic surgery to avoid paying for the services of a highly trained, certified specialist.

In South Korea, where getting plastic surgery has become nearly as routine as getting a haircut, teens and preteens are opting to try DIY treatments to conform to standards of beauty--without spending the money to go to a plastic surgeon.


Certain facial features are considered beautiful among South Korean teens, and there's no taboo against changing one's appearance using any means necessary. Most of the time, the methods these young people use are not as drastic as, say, injecting one another. But they are using products touted to help change the look of facial features, which can cause pain, bruising, and may affect growth and self-image.

The Tools & Goals

Some of the tools these teens are using include jaw-squeezing rollers, which are used to attempt to push the jaw into an oval shape and nose pinchers, used to pinch the nasal bridge into a taller, more prominent shape. Tools such as these can cause minor facial injuries in the short term, and unknown damage to the growth of the face. This is a particularly worrisome trend for younger teens, as the face has not had time to fully grow and mature.

Too Young

The plastic surgery craze in South Korea is prompting a worrying trend of patients that are far too young. Plastic surgery should not be performed before a patient has stopped growing, except in very rare cases. Unfortunately, unethical surgeons will often operate on anyone who can pay, regardless of age.

Always Seek a Qualified Surgeon

You wouldn't trust a surgeon who performed surgery using a cheap gadget, would you? Always seek help with cosmetic treatments and surgery from a qualified plastic surgeon providers such as those on our Long Island and Manhattan teams.

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