RHONY Ramona and Sonja Reveal Plastic Surgeries

BFFs Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City share everything—including plastic surgery truths and tips. And recently, both Real Housewives came out and discussed their physical changes with excitement and gusto.

Sonja’s Surgeries

RHONY Ramona and Sonja Reveal Plastic Surgeries

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Sonja Morgan recently discussed some changes she’s been making at a local medical spa that offers plastic surgery and procedures. While Morgan said she goes there for laser hair removal, she mentioned that she was also “having [her] vajayay looked at” and that she went through a “tightening and lubricating process.”

When asked if she felt it was worth the money, Morgan stated that she’s “never had any complaints,” although she isn’t spending too much time dating nowadays. “I just came out with my swimwear… so I’m really busy.”

Morgan also said she’s looking toward the future and the possible changes she’d like to make next. “I’m actually thinking that I should have a little something done around my neck.”

Ramona’s Surgeries

Ramona Singer, Morgan’s bestie, has also recently had cosmetic enhancement of a different kind: breast augmentation. Though Singer opted to keep her 34C cup size, she decided to add more volume to the upper part of her breasts, which has made her feel better about her appearance.

“I’m working out the same as always, but I think I’ve never looked better because I feel free.”

But she’s not the only one to have commented on her new look. Morgan maintains that her friend’s breasts are “definitely rounder and fuller, higher,” post-surgery. “She’s getting more attention, period. Her hair is longer, her boobs are bigger, her ass is higher.”

What are friends for, if not to share our experiences to make us feel good about ourselves, right?

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