Get a whole new look after surgery in our rhinoplasty New York City and nose job New York centers.When patients visit our nose job New York practices, they are focused on one thing: improving a perceived imperfection.  It’s true; we can skillfully correct a wide range of issues.

Rhinoplasty can remove lumps and humps, correct bulbous or upturned nasal tips, and give patients a whole new appearance – which is also something to prepare for.

Receiving a nose job surgery is an exciting venture, but patients sometimes miss the fact that when you reshape the nose, you actually reshape the entire face.

Rhinoplasty is called a “type-changing” surgery, which means that the patient will likely have a significantly altered appearance following surgery.

Nose Jobs for Older Patients

You may be reading this statement, nodding your head, thinking “that’s precisely what I want!”  However, it has been noted that some patients struggle with the appearance they see in the mirror following rhinoplasty surgery.  This fact is especially common in patients who seek treatment in their later years.

It makes perfect sense when you really think about it.  We all grew up looking at the same face, day after day.  Even when there is an aspect of our appearance that causes us to cringe, it is nonetheless a familiar feature.

Rhinoplasty, not being a rejuvenating procedure in nature, comes in and completely changes that feature of the face that has been present for twenty, thirty, forty or more years. Some of our patients need a few months to adjust!

The Timing of Change

Following nose job surgery, patients may feel a bit off-kilter with their appearance.  This is common due to the fact that the nose continues to change as healing occurs over a period of several months.

While swelling is continually diminishing, the nose may take on a new appearance every few days.  This kind of face-altering change can be challenging for any patient, which is why it is important to remind yourself that final results will be seen after 12 months.

The Feel of Change

After surgery, patients will not only be left with a whole new look, but also with a whole new feel.  When a patient washes his or her face, applies lotion, or comes into contact with another through kissing, he or she may feel the physical difference that comes from rhinoplasty.

These new sensations can catch you off-guard if you are not prepared for them.

Avoiding Disappointment

We bring up this “issue” of healing because patients who can see the big picture before surgery do far better afterwards.  Some recipients, on very rare occasions, never get accustomed to their revised appearance after rhinoplasty and subsequently seek a revision rhinoplasty procedure.

Rather than go through the emotional stress of dissatisfaction, a patient might take time to imagine what his or her new nose will look like in the context of their entire face.  The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will fully explain what to expect in terms of appearance when you come in for your consultation.

Consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team in our New York Centers

A nose job is a safe procedure that allows patients to breathe easier, literally and figuratively.  Contact Us for more information or to schedule your free consultation for rhinoplasty in Long Island or Manhattan.

*This page does not communicate the full list of complete risks and potential complications from this surgery. To receive a list of post-op risks & complications, please contact our office.