Frequently, those who visit our rhinoplasty offices are ready for a makeover with a newly shaped nose.

Rhinoplasty can make an enormous difference in how one feels about his or her facial aesthetic when approached with an open mind and readiness for a whole new look (since changing the nose changes the entire face).

With this cosmetic procedure, one can change:

  • The size of the nose as it relates to other facial features
  • The width of the nose
  • The profile of the nose, eliminating humps or depressions
  • The tip of the nose, correcting droopiness or an upturned appearance, or minimizing a bulbous tip
  • The shape or size of nostrils
  • The asymmetry of the septum or nostrils

Septorhinoplasty in our Centers

When a patient visits us, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will conduct a thorough examination of the nose, including both external and internal areas.  The skin of the nose is also evaluated along with how the nose relates to other facial features, specifically the chin, as these two features bring attention to one another.

We understand that changing the nose changes everything and therefore take everything into consideration before devising the perfect plan.

In some instances, corrections need to be made with the nasal septum, which is the wall inside the nose that separates the left and right nasal canals.  When done in conjunction with standard rhinoplasty that aims to improve the appearance of the nose, this procedure is called a septorhinoplasty.

In the standard procedure of rhinoplasty alone, the appearance of the nose is improved through the modification of cartilage and bone or tissue.

Septorhinoplasty is needed when the patient seeking to change the appearance of his or her nose also has some kind of physical nasal obstruction.  During the cosmetic reconstructive procedure, whatever obstruction may be affecting the patient internally is repaired.  The result is a beautiful nose that facilitates easy nose-breathing.

Recovery from septorhinoplasty is much like any of our patients’ surgical experiences.  It is beneficial to have someone in the home that can provide assistance as needed for the days following surgery.

While healing, the patient is advised to rest with his or her head propped up on two or three pillows.  Ice can be used to minimize any pain and to lessen swelling and bruising.

Free Rhinoplasty Consultation in our NYC or Long Island Centers

With septorhinoplasty surgery, you can breathe easy knowing that your nose will be forever beautiful and perfectly suited to your facial features.  Contact us today!