Rhinoplasty Manhattan, Rhinoplasty Long Island Body Image Advice by Dr. DiktabanWe are all tied to our bodies, both figuratively and quite literally.  In a big way, how we feel about the appearance of our body impacts our overall acceptance of ourselves.  When considering a rhinoplasty in NYC, our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team understands; they perform nose jobs and sees the impact this surgery has on body image.

Those who do not have a healthy body image may find it difficult to feel self-confident, or even worthy as a person.  Body image is all about you – how you perceive your own appearance.  What others tell you does not register when your own view is skewed, whether rightfully so or not.

Body Image in the Nose Job Consultation Phase

In our practices, we see patients who are seeking to improve their body image through the correction of the shape of the nose, and during our rhinoplasty consultation we discuss overall body image.

We do this because it is important to have realistic expectations of any cosmetic procedure.  Should a patient suffer from a very poor body image, he or she may not feel fully satisfied with the results of a successful surgical procedure.

Self-Acceptance is Key to Success

In the state of poor body image, one may not see his or her good features.  Self-acceptance is key to successful treatment in our centers. This is because a trait of self-acceptance shows that the patient accepts himself or herself even with the acknowledgement that there may be certain physical characteristics that could be improved upon.

Having a healthy body image does not mean that you 100 percent accept yourself as a perfect specimen, nor does the desire for cosmetic surgery mean that you suffer from a poor body image.  It means that you can love yourself and have realistic expectations of what any given procedure can accomplish.

When one suffers from a poor body image, he or she may experience intense emotions that include anxiety and depression.  Studies have shown that those in a state of poor body image are more prone to eating disorders and low self-esteem that leads to apprehension in intimate settings and feelings of worthlessness.  The result of poor body image is often a lack of close, healthy relationships and even an increased risk of suicide.

Conversely, one who comes from a place of a healthy body image realizes that they are not perfect, but follows that up with the understanding that no one is perfect.  In this state, a person will have reasonable standards and expectations of him or herself, and will not feel the need to change based on what others may think.

Patients who come to our practices with a healthy view of themselves may want to improve their appearance, but they already find themselves valuable and do not expect cosmetic surgery to increase their value as a person.

First Steps Before Surgery in Our Nose Job New York Centers

Cosmetic surgery is intended to correct physical attributes and enhance one’s appearance.  If you feel that you suffer from poor body image, it would prove greatly beneficial to obtain treatment that will improve your state of mind first, and then decide on cosmetic procedures once you know your value just as you are.

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