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While the rhinoplasty satisfaction rate is quite high, there are some people who are not as happy with the results as they had hoped. For those people, they sometimes elect to have revision rhinoplasty.

What Is Revision Rhinoplasty?

This procedure means having another surgery to make additional changes to the nose. Usually, people will request changes because they didn’t realize something they didn’t like until they had their first one.

For others, their initial nose surgery resulted in improper healing. In either case, a rhinoplasty revision can help achieve patients’ desired results.

The process of revision rhinoplasty involves taking cartilage from the nasal septum and/or ear to reconstruct the nose in the way that the patient wants. Usually, this can improve not only the appearance of the nose, but its function as well.

Many people who have breathing problems elect to have rhinoplasty by a plastic surgeon, so they can ensure the very best cosmetic changes along with the medical aspect of their procedure.

What You Need to Know about Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty: Getting the Nose You Really Want by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY.

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This procedure is much more complex than an initial rhinoplasty. The existing scar tissue can make it more difficult for a plastic surgeon to work on the nose to give the patient the look they want.

This is why it is even more important that you find an experienced plastic surgeon, preferably one that is board certified. A board certified plastic surgeon has received certification from The American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc.

To become certified, plastic surgeons must complete the required education and training, and pass the written and oral examination. They must also enroll in continuing medical education (CME) to maintain their certification. This shows you that board-certified plastic surgeons have the knowledge, skills, and experience to do a great job on your nose.

When It’s Time for a Revision

Many patients are quick to think they need a revision; however, it takes up to a year to see the full results of nose job surgery. If you have concerns about the healing process, certainly call your plastic surgeon to ask about them. While it may not be the time for a revision, hearing that there is still hope of having your nose look exactly the way you want in just a few more months should greatly ease your mind.

If it’s been well over a year since your first rhinoplasty, it may be time to start consultations with plastic surgeons to see what can be done about the results. A board-certified plastic surgeon can identify if it’s the right time and what can be done to improve the look of your nose.

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