Post-Divorce Cosmetic Surgery

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Whatever the reason for plastic surgery, patients must remember that most procedures are life- and appearance-altering. Thus, it is important to talk to a certified plastic surgeon about the benefits and risks of any cosmetic procedure.

A new trend we’re seeing in some of our New York City plastic surgery and Long Island patients is something that is becoming known as “vengeance plastic surgery.”

These patients are choosing cosmetic enhancements after a difficult breakup or divorce as a means of “getting back at” their exes.

Post-Breakup Tips

Patients should consider speaking to a therapist or mental health professional if they feel that their sole desire to have the procedure done is one of revenge toward their ex. Having a procedure done while in this state of mind almost always leads patients to regret their cosmetic procedure.

It is our desire, at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, to provide patients with healthy mindsets the cosmetic alterations they desire. However, we will only help those patients who are in a healthy mental mindset.

The biggest chunk of post-break up procedures we’re seeing in our Manhattan and plastic surgery Long Island centers are of those patients who have lost an excessive amount of weight from the stress of splitting, and want to get rid of extra skin as well as gain a flattering figure.

Then there are those that felt ridiculed for their looks in their relationships and are looking for a breast augmentation and/or tummy tuck to make them feel good about themselves. And then there are those that opt for less invasive procedures at our New York City plastic surgery centers, such as BOTOX or facial fillers, simply to look younger and get back into the dating scene.

Surgeons’ Point of View

As surgeons, it is important for us to make sure these patients are having cosmetic procedures for the right reasons, especially because they have just gone through something emotionally jarring. A major physical change is not always the best option at this point in time.

Always remember that plastic surgery is a decision that should not be taken lightly; every aspect should be weighed carefully by the patient. And surgeons must remember that emotionally-compromised people are not encouraged to have life-altering procedures due to the fact that they may have unrealistic expectations.

Surgeons and patients alike must be aware of all these things in order to have the best results possible.

Our Patients Should Weigh In

Have you heard of vengeance surgery? Do you really think it’s about revenge or is it about making the patient feel good about themselves to gain closure after a breakup? Would you ever consider cosmetic procedure after a hard breakup?

Do you have any family or friends who have talked about finding a plastic surgery Long Island or New York City doctor who will help them have revenge surgery?

To your health and beauty,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team