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Tips for Planning Surgery

Facelift NYC surgeon tips for planning surgery with our facelift Manhattan experts.When our New York facelift surgery patients visit our practice, we understand there is both excitement and trepidation involved in an impending procedure.  Our goal is to facilitate the safest and most comfortable experience for every person who comes to us for the face lift procedure.

In order to help patients focus their energy on healing, one of our biggest recommendations is to plan ahead.

Because the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will give you plenty of instructions upon first consulting with you, it will be easy to take things one step at a time.

However, for the most comfortable and stress-free recovery, it is best to plan for the few weeks following your procedure from the very onset of the scheduling process.

Tips from Our Facial Plastic Surgeons

Planning for the day of surgery includes obtaining your consultation and candidly discussing your desires as well as medical history.  Patients who smoke will need to stop the habit in the month leading up to surgery, and continue this cessation for the weeks during healing.

The chemicals in cigarettes, nicotine gum and patches all impede the healing process, to the patient needs to avoid all such products.

In addition to halting certain lifestyle habits like smoking and sun bathing, patients will also need to stop taking certain medications prior to surgery.  Namely, anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

Additionally, due to the unknown nature of many supplements, patients are encouraged to stop all herbal supplements as well as vitamin E in the weeks before surgery.

Our facelift surgeon will discuss which, if any prescription medications need to be stopped in order to facilitate a safe and successful procedure.

Handling pre-surgery tasks

Patients are prescribed certain medications to help them through the healing process.  These prescriptions should be filled in the days leading up to surgery so they are accessible when the patient returns home.  To streamline the healing process, the patient may go the extent of preparing dosages in an itemized pill box before having his or her facelift surgery.

If the face lift is to be combined with eyelid surgery or a brow lift, it may be beneficial to pick up eye drops to remedy dry eyes which may occur with either of these procedures.

Your home,  your own recovery center

Because most patients return home to heal after their face lift, the home should be set up as an adequate recovery center.  Having all chores completed before a face lift means that the patient is not preoccupied with household tasks when he or she should be resting.  Create an oasis in the areas where most time will be spent, such as the bedroom and living area.

Add pillows and blankets to each area, as well as a nightlight, as medications may impact balance and a nighttime trip to the bathroom will be made safer with ambient light.  Because medications can cause nausea, patients should plan to keep a receptacle near the bed.

After surgery, patients should consume easily digestible foods that are low in sodium.  Stocking the pantry and refrigerator with premade soups, yogurt, Jell-O, crackers, applesauce and oatmeal is a great idea, as these do not require much preparation and are easy on the stomach.

Free Consultation with our Facelift Surgeons

By planning ahead for what is to come, patients are able to simply look forward to seeing their rejuvenated look.  Contact us at either of our New York offices in Manhattan NYC or Long Island for a complimentary consultation.