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When someone says “rhinoplasty” or “nose job” our minds automatically think of the many celebrities that have had the procedure or maybe even a friend who has a success story. Not many of us, however, think of women who have suffered from years of domestic violence.

Tackling the ever present battle of domestic violence is a hard thing to think about, but a second chance is being presented to the women who have fallen victim to it.

Through reconstructive nose surgery, these women are able to gain back the beautiful face they thought they had lost and may no longer see under the scars of an abusive relationship.

We Salute Our Brave Patients

Standing Up For Women Everywhere

In today’s world, there have been organizations founded to help women in such situations of battering. They reach out to victims and show them that they still can be beautiful and that they can move forward from their abusive past.

The biggest contributor on the front lines of cosmetic surgery against domestic violence is the foundation Face To Face. Working together with the National Council for Domestic Violence, Face To Face is built on the backs of surgeons and nurses aimed at helping women in need.

They travel the country offering their services to these women knowing that in the end they will have changed the faces of the defeated into the faces of tomorrow. It is truly our pleasure to help patients from all walks of life and circumstances. Though we do not perform free services, we will work with victims of domestic violence to arrive at a cost that is fair and affordable.

Starting Over Can Be Hard To Do

The hurdle of cost for nose job surgery may be quite difficult for such victims, but Face To Face has even gone as far as giving services of rhinoplasty away completely free of charge. Some surgeons opt to donate to the surgery costs.

However, they all have one condition: The woman must leave the abuser.

You read that and probably think to yourself, “Well… Of course! I would never stay with someone who did that to me.” But it isn’t as simple as that for all women. At the point when you find yourself in an abusive relationship, any self-confidence you once had is most likely shattered, making you think there is no choice but to stay and that this is all you are worth.

But every woman is worth more than diamonds and there is a brighter day to come for the women who do find their strength and seek help to leave the relationship. Nose job surgeons who offer help to these women are giving them that hope and new view of a future free of the physical reminders of what they endured.

A New Tomorrow for Women

At the end of the day, organizations like Face To Face know that domestic violence is a terrible disease on society and that the women who fall victim absolutely deserve a second chance. Being able to erase the physical reminders of those situations is a small, but meaningful, step in the process of giving women a clean slate.

If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about a rhinoplasty procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us for information or a free consultation our Long Island or Manhattan surgery centers.

*Our surgeons are not affiliated with the National Council for Domestic Violence or with Face To Face.