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Patient Tips: How to Stay Looking Fab After Treatment

Considerations for Maintenance After SmartLipo

Looking great after treatment in our SmartLipo Long Island and Laser Liposuction NYC Centers.With the advances in liposuction procedures over the past several years, namely the development of laser-assisted liposuction, more men and women are able to get a more ideal physique.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we use SmartLipo to help our patients sculpt thighs, abdominal contours, and other pesky areas of fat.

Although SmartLipo includes the process of fat removal, this procedure is not intended for weight loss.

In fact, a recent article in the American Journal of Medicine states that, though 20 lbs of fat may be removed during liposuction of an overweight patient, the resulting weight loss is (at maximum) only 10 pounds including fluids lost during the procedure.

Interesting, indeed.  Using this information as a guide, our patients who are considering laser liposuction may want to take steps to ensure he or she is within twenty or so pounds of their ideal body weight before scheduling this effective cosmetic procedure.

What is SmartLipo For, Anyway?

For the most part, SmartLipo is ideal for slimming and creating better contours on various body parts, fine-tuning the back-side or decreasing the appearance of love-handles.  The procedure is unique in that it also addresses the issue of minor to moderate loose skin that has lost its elasticity.

We perform this procedure with limited immediate results and full results seen in a couple of short months!

For moderately to severely loosened skin, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team may recommend that laser liposuction be performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck or lift procedure (in some cases).

Maintaining Physique After Treatment by our Laser Liposuction NYC Surgeons

Once liposuction has been performed to create your desired contours, maintenance becomes the next focus.  Removal of fat cells in a given area does not ward off future weight gain, so it is important to have a plan in place that will help you keep your new physique just the way you like it.

As any health care professional or personal trainer will tell you, maintaining a beautiful body comes from diet and exercise.  Here, we're going to list a few great summertime activities along with the average number of calories burned per hour.

  • Line dancing - 342 cal/hr
  • Walking hills - 502 cal/hr
  • Walking at 4.5mph- 462 cal/hr
  • Running a 12 min/mile - 573 cal/hr

Even some of the everyday tasks we do burn calories.  Shopping burns between 150-200 calories an hour and even sex can be a pretty decent calorie-buster!  When we discuss exercise with our patients, the biggest tip we can possible offer is to find activities that are greatly enjoyed.

For some, this may be wake boarding or surfing.  For others, it is the quiet walks in their local hills that give them the most joy.  Because exercise needs to be a constant part of our life, we need to include those activities for which you actually look forward to doing.

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