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Although more men are discovering the real facts about gynecomastia, there is still a good deal of misinformation floating around.  The problem with this is that gynecomastia, whether authentic or the pseudo-type, is a very real condition that carries very large implications to the male psyche.

In our male breast reduction Long Island & NYC offices, we meet with men of all ages and sizes, many of whom have already tried the myriad of gynecomastia fixes they have found either through their primary physician, personal trainer, or online.

What we have found is that, regardless of cause, there is really only one solution for dealing with gynecomastia for good, and that is surgical correction.

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Excess Weight and Pseudogynecomastia

Gynecomastia presents as excess breast tissue in the male patient.  Although some potential causes have been studied, there really is no crystal clear explanation for why some men develop excess breast tissue and others do not.  In pseudogynecomastia, it is thought that the condition is solely the result of excess weight.

However, this again brings us to question why some overweight men experience man boobs, while others do not.  Looking at male breast enlargement from this starting point, it eliminates the theory that simply losing weight will completely eliminate puffy breasts in every case.

Tips for Healthy Living

It Starts with Healthy Habits

For the man who is living with excess weight, we do indeed recommend that a healthy diet and exercise routine begin before surgical correction in our male breast reduction Long Island surgery centers.  The benefits of a healthy lifestyle before and after gynecomastia surgery are many.  First, pseudogynecomastia, or “false” gynecomastia, is a condition that is brought on by weight alone.

In these cases the breast gland does not plays more than a minute role in the development of this type of man boobs.  Creating good habits in which food is healthy and exercise is regular helps the patient to maintain a normal body weight, which results in better overall body contours.

Torsoplasty and Gynecomastia Go Hand-in-Hand

The significance of toning the entire mid-section is that some men find their body to be somewhat out of proportion after gynecomastia is corrected through the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team's laser-assisted liposuction methods.  When the chest is nice and flat, small problems like love handles could become more pronounced.

While the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can perform torsoplasty in order to address the areas surrounding the chest, follow up with diet and exercise leads the patient to long-lasting results and a higher degree of confidence in his body.

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