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Often times it is mistaken that the cosmetic surgery world is open to women only. This is highly untrue, as there are thousands of surgeries that are considered to be unisex and even some that are geared only towards male clients.

Our cosmetic surgery New York City & Long Island locations offer a wide array of surgeries that compliment both male and female patients. A few of those procedures are highlighted below so to give you a taste of what we can offer for our prospective male clients.

A Nose Above the Rest

Rhinoplasty is a perfect example of unisex cosmetic surgery. We all have a nose and a lot of us have some sort of problem with it. Appearance is everything in today’s world and being confident with your look is especially important to stand out among men.

The feeling of having too large or too noticeable a nose can sap the life out of a man’s pride. Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can help!

Not to mention, breathing problems are extremely common. Anyone who has a had a broken nose, too, has the possibility of breathing problems and we all know that men have a tendency to get into at least one or two fights in their lifetime (remember Jr. High and High School).

Body Procedures for Men - NYC & Long Island Plastic Surgery Locations

Abdominoplasty Might Be an Option

A patient who may be looking at abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is generally someone who has previously lost a massive amount of weight. Obesity is certainly not gender specific and anyone, male or female, would be thrilled to have the excess skin and reminder of “bigger” days behind them.

Smartlipo is Smart for Anyone

Smartlipo is ideal for men who need that last bit of fat removed to show off their fit body, or maybe a middle-aged man who has developed the inevitable beer gut that men can sometimes gain.

Getting old does not have to mean letting go of your once-toned body. Receiving Smartlipo from our New York City & Long Island experts will reduce the areas of fat that have gotten out of hand as life has trudged on.

Gynecomastia: For Men Only

This procedure is male specific. The condition of Gynecomastia is the overdevelopment of breast tissue in males. It is something that is highly embarrassing for men and can thankfully be reversed through treatment by our cosmetic surgery New York City (Manhattan) & Long Island experts.

Video: What is Gynecomastia, What Causes It, and How to Treat It

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Keeping up in business, social encounters, and even intimately can be taxing if a man doesn’t feel he has proper confidence or pride in himself. Receiving a procedure is a sure fire way to give a boost to your appearance and self-esteem, even if you’re a guy.

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