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We are fortunate to live in a time when women are seeing breast cancers diagnosed in earlier stages, resulting in 96 percent survival rate for early diagnosis after five years, according to the American Cancer Society.

What's more, advances in cosmetic surgery techniques are allowing for more natural results when breasts are reconstructed.  Our breast augmentation patients often comment on how natural their augmented breasts look.

For the woman who visits our breast implants Long Island facility for reconstruction, one of the most frequently asked questions is "how will I look after surgery?"

Reconstructing a breast, or both breasts, is different than breast augmentation where no breast tissue has been removed.

This patient needs to know that their clothes will fit properly and that they will feel attractive both fully clothed and completely naked.

We understand that our patients have specific needs when breast reconstruction is concerned, and feel confident in the results we can attain through breast implants.

Without surgical reconstruction, women turn to the traditional method of dealing with a mastectomy: a prosthesis.  A prosthesis is a breast form that is fabricated of materials that feel like natural breast tissue, and weigh about the same.  Worn inside of a bra or bathing suit, the idea is to provide the look of two symmetrical breasts.  The problem with prostheses is that they may be uncomfortable and unreliable.

What we also hear from our breast augmentation patients is that they desire their bodies to feel whole, and a prosthesis simply cannot provide this feeling of completeness.  According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 75 percent of mastectomy patients seek out breast reconstruction either as a part of or after mastectomy surgery.

Reconstruction by our Breast Implants Long Island Experts

Reconstruction does not create a perfect copy of the natural breast, but the results of this procedure are quite remarkable due to improved cosmetic surgery techniques.

Our priority in creating a new breast is to give each patient the highest degree of natural aesthetic possible, and restore confidence and a feeling of appreciation for a healthy and beautiful body.  When only one breast is augmented, the patient may see a slight difference when observing her naked body.  Inside of a bra or bathing suit, however, breasts will both look natural in shape and symmetry.

Choosing to have breast reconstruction surgery is one that is personal to each patient.  Before moving forward with the ideal procedure, patient and doctor will consider and discuss aspects such as:

  • The patient's overall health
  • The stage of breast cancer patient experienced
  • The size of the remaining natural breast
  • The amount of tissue available, if a flap graft is desired
  • Whether both breasts should be treated for the best results
  • The type of procedure best suited to the patient's specific needs

Today, the diagnosis of breast cancer is a far cry from what it was just twenty years ago.  Breast cancer patients today have more options for effective treatment and reconstruction that will restore a feeling of confidence and wholeness.

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