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Natural Breast Augmentation - Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Our natural breast augmentation specialists have a new way to enhance your bust: a fat transfer to the breasts! If you've always wished for larger breasts made of your own natural fat, then breast fat transfer is perfect for you.

new_york_breast_augmentation_fat_transfer_new_yorkBy transferring your own fat and stem cells, your breasts can be filled with natural fat, just as if you were born with the genetics for larger breasts.

Since nothing artificial or foreign is put into your body, this eliminates the complications such as implant rejection or capsular contracture that can occur with a standard breast augmentation.

A natural breast augmentation removes fat from other areas of the body via liposuction and then transfers the purified fat and stem cells to your breasts to give you a fuller, rounder bust.

Benefits of a Natural Breast Augmentation vs. Implants

  • Acceptance of one's own fat in the breasts vs. risk of rejection of breast implants
  • More natural look vs. possibility of rippling with implants
  • More natural feel vs. the firmness of breast implants
  • Minimally-invasive procedure for fat transfer vs. open surgery with implants
  • Scarless procedure vs. scarring in the most-commonly placed incision sites with implants

Candidates for Natural Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Those who are looking to naturally enhance breast size without foreign objects like implants.
  • Patients must have enough body fat to harvest from.
  • Must be non-smokers or quit at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.
  • Want the benefit of combining liposuction body sculpting with their breast augmentation.
  • Looking for a one cup size increase. If more than one cup size is desired, more than one fat injection procedure may be necessary.

How Fat Transfer to the Breasts is Performed

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our surgeons perform breast fat transfer using our unique method of local anesthesia. In some selected cases, the procedure is done under general anesthesia with an anesthesiologist doctor monitoring you at all times.

The area to be harvested from is injected with tumescent fluid, a mixture of sterile saline water and lidocaine (a localized pain killer) with epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate.

The epinephrine in the numbing fluid makes the blood vessels in the area shrink, thus reducing blood loss during the breast fat transfer procedure. The lidocaine numbs the area so that when you wake up, you will be comfortable.

After the area has been injected with tumescent fluid, the liposuction cannula separates and removes the fat particles.

Once collected in the receptacle container, the fat and other fluids from the body are purified in a machine to separate the fat and stem cells from the other components. The purified fat and stem cells are then injected into the breasts to enhance their size and shape.

Fat transfer to the breasts can take up to 6 hours to complete, depending upon the extent of harvesting and breast augmentation being done.

Patients can resume most of their normal activities within about a week's time. A compression garment will be worn around the areas where fat was harvested in order to keep the tissues snug against the skin and to lessen post-operative swelling.

Though some of the transferred fat from the breasts will be reabsorbed into the body after a period of about three months, most of it will remain.

Repeat breast fat transfer procedures may be necessary to achieve desired breast size, but many times, patients are satisfied with their results.

The transplanted stem cells will grow new fat cells in the breasts, allowing for a permanent, natural breast augmentation using your body's own fat!

Get a Personalized Natural Breast Augmentation Plan

If you are a woman considering a fat transfer to the breasts, call us today at 631-499-1831 or 212-206-0023. We have natural breast augmentation surgeons ready to advise you in our NYC and Long Island plastic surgery centers.

We look forward to helping you plan a customized natural breast augmentation that is just right for you.