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Before you have rhinoplasty by our Long Island plastic surgery experts, you will be pleased to know that you will notice improvements as soon as the bandages are removed.  As the weeks pass, swelling will continue to subside and the tissues will heal into their proper position.  Because it can take up to twelve months to see the full results of your surgery, be prepared to be patient and to be cautious so you can have optimal results.

Preparing for Surgery

rhinoplasty_long_island_plastic_surgery_nose_reshaping_cosmetic_surgery_new_york_cityOne way to make your at-home recovery more pleasant is to prepare ahead of time.  The more preparation you have made before your surgery, the less stressful healing will be in the days and weeks that follow.  Most patients who undergo a nose reshaping surgical procedure to improve the look of their nose will be able to resume most of their normal activities within a few weeks, including school and work.

However, in that time frame between the procedure and feeling close to 100%, we advise our patients to just take it easy at home.  Enjoy your down time with movies, your favorite reads and healthy eating and sleeping.

Post-Op Caution with Your Nose

After plastic surgery on the nose, it is important that you follow detailed post-operative instructions, as these are designed to help alleviate any swelling and discomfort you may experience following your procedure.  The goal of the instructions we give you is to protect your nose and allow it to heal.  This means you need to avoid touching or rubbing the area.  In fact, post-operatively, it is recommended that you avoid smiling as this creates movement of the muscles and tissues around the nose.  Sniffing and blowing your nose should be avoided, as should sneezing; a challenge sometimes!

Physical Activity Afterward

Because you need to protect the face during healing, you will be advised to hold off on physical activity and sports for about six weeks following your surgery.  Small children and pets may also pose a problem; but we will not ask you to send your children away or board your pet while you heal - they are both very good companions!  However, take care to not let your pet become rowdy around you so as to avoid any contact with your nose or face.

Best Sleeping Positions Post-Operatively

After rhinoplasty by our NYC & Long Island plastic surgery experts, you will need to sleep on your back in order to prevent pressure on the face and nose.  To facilitate this, you may sleep in a recliner or may need to surround yourself with pillows to keep from rolling in your sleep.

Patients are often advised to sleep with their head elevated following nose surgery.  This helps to minimize swelling.  Additionally, swelling can be avoided by NOT bending over or lifting heavy objects in the first two weeks following surgery.  Applying an ice pack and cold compresses can help you diminish swelling as well as bruising.

How Rhinoplasty Can Help You Gain Self-Confidence

Through rhinoplasty, you may gain a higher degree of confidence that allows you to more effectively interact with those in your personal and professional life.  Taking time to heal is an important part of the overall process of moving towards your most desired appearance.

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