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If you've ever watched a full season of The Biggest Loser, you may have wondered "what do these people DO with all that extra skin?" Losing a significant amount of weight, whether through diet and exercise alone or with the help of gastric bypass surgery, will most likely leave a patient with loose skin and excess fat.  In such instances, the body lift cosmetic procedure is the most suitable path to follow.

With a body lift, one may see a drastic improvement in the shape and tone of his or her body.  This is because this surgical procedure, which is performed by our Long Island plastic surgery experts, removes excess skin and also improves the underlying tissue that provides support.

Restored Skin and No More Sagging

Body lift surgery helps patients of varying ages restore a tighter appearance in areas of the body that have lost elasticity and exhibit baggy skin.  After this procedure, patients will notice smoother and tighter skin. In some instances, only certain parts of the body are addressed.

For some patients, however, multiple areas need to be corrected.  When this is the case, the surgery can be broken up into several stages.

Our Surgeons Can Clear the Way to a New Body

In order to determine a patient's specific needs, he or she receives a comprehensive consultation with our NYC & Long Island plastic surgery experts.  Some of the areas that are commonly addressed in a body lift include:

  • Arms with hanging skin
  • Abdominal area, sometimes extending around to the sides and lower back
  • Buttocks
  • Hips that sag into the thigh area
  • Inner, outer or posterior thigh area; or all the way around

Post-Bariatric and Post Weight Loss Patients

Individuals who have experienced significant weight loss often are left with stretched out skin that makes them feel uncomfortable about their appearance.  In many cases, this excess fat and skin is not only unsightly but also unhealthy, as it can be challenging to adequately clean and dry areas underneath folds of excess skin.  When skin remains wet under these folds, bacteria and fungus may grow out of control; leading to painful infections of the skin.

How the Body Lift is Performed

Body lift surgery is performed by one of our NYC or Long Island Plastic Surgery experts.  The procedure is performed after the patient has been given medications for comfort; which may consist of intravenous sedation and/or general anesthesia.  This will have been determined prior to the day of surgery.

To begin the body lift, incisions are made in the areas drawn out by the surgeon pre-surgery.  The areas where incisions are made will be based on the patients’ specific areas that will be addressed.  For instance, if an abdominal lift will be performed, a horizontal incision may be made at the pubic line or near the belly button.  The exact pattern and length of incisions depends on the location of excess skin and the surgeon’s best judgment.

Excess skin is excised as needed, and skin is pulled together and carefully sutured.  In many cases, some results of the body lift procedure are immediately noticeable.  However, in any surgery, patients can expect swelling and bruising to occur in the days and weeks that follow treatment.  While this surgery leaves patients feeling great about their appearance, the full effects of treatment not be completely visible for several months.

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To discover more about the benefits and details of body lift surgery, contact us to schedule your free consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team in our New York City or Long Island offices.