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Just hearing the word "insurance" makes our nose reshaping New York patients squirm a little bit. Chances are you have had to deal with it in the past and now you are wondering and hoping that you will be able to call on it once again for your rhinoplasty surgery.

The motive behind your action for surgery, however, is what will determine whether or not they will decide to help you out.

Our highly-skilled expert surgeons from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will perform rhinoplasty surgery on any client who is able to cover the cost of surgery.

There is much involved with these types of procedures that justify the cost, such as with most nice things in life, but asking for all or part of it to be covered through insurance is a whole other ball game.

Insurance Tips for Patients

Cosmetic Reasons Won’t Fly with Insurance

Getting your insurance company to provide you the funds for a strictly cosmetic nose job is not something you should expect. The fact is that insurance policies are in place to cover medical necessity costs. Having your nose reshaped for appearance purposes is not considered a medical need and thus will be denied for coverage.

Medical Needs Could Call Them into Action

Not all nose reconstruction that takes place by our nose reshaping New York experts are for cosmetic purposes. In fact, a large number of surgeries are considered as medical need such as:

  • Breathing Problems including deviated septum
  • Previous trauma to the nose
  • Developmental abnormality
  • Extreme headaches and migraines from misshapen nose

When issues like these are presented to your insurance via your doctor’s assessment, there is a greater chance that the procedure will be covered, either fully or partially. There will be a review period in which it will be considered as to whether your mild to severe condition can indeed be compensated by insurance.

In any case, there is always the possibility that you will be denied. If this does occur, you still have the right to appeal to the insurance company if you and your doctor truly believe you have a medical need that will be solved through surgery.

If you choose to begin the path of an appeal, be sure you are prepared. It is not an easy feat and you must be determined and dedicated.

Learn More from Our Rhinoplasty Manhattan & Long Island Experts

Having to endure a nasal problem is difficult and putting the battle of insurance on top of that is no walk in the park. We will work with you at our nose reshaping New York offices in NYC & Long Island to provide you with documentation about the condition of your nose. You will need this in order to get insurance coverage if you are entitled to it.

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