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Just Excess Fat, or is it Gynecomastia?

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When our surgeons see patients in our gynecomastia NYC & Long Island locations, the patient is usually just trying to make sense as to what is happening to his breast tissue. Oftentimes, he will consider how much his weight plays a role in the puffiness that is present.

“Man boobs”, as they are so teasingly called, are quite the serious condition for a man of any age, as the presence of breasts is a feminine physical characteristic. If you know a man with puffiness around the nipples...or breasts that could fit into a bra, play nice and send him this article to read!

No Two Breasts are Alike

The thing about gynecomastia is that not every case is the same.  There is therefore no cut and dry answer for every man who has the condition.  Gynecomastia is a condition that may present in a man of ideal body weight or in a man who has weight to lose. When weight is the only reason that the breasts are enlarged (no hormonal causes) it is called pseudogynecomastia.

While it is true that weight may play a role in exacerbating the problem of man boobs in obese and morbidly obese patients, we most often find that this area of excess fat is quite the challenge even in moderately overweight patients.

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Can You Get Rid of Pseudogynecomastia with Diet, Exercise, or Pills?

What this means is that in overweight patients, diet and weight loss are first recommended to see just how much correction is possible. After a couple of months, we will schedule a follow-up in either our gynecomastia NYC or Long Island offices. If the condition remains, it will likely not eliminate the excess breast tissue. This is why exercises for man boobs and pills, creams, or supplements rarely, if ever, work to any degree.

There are two areas on a man's body that are highly resistant to fat loss using traditional methods:  the love handles and the breasts.  Diet and exercise habits are advised for our patients mainly as a recommendation for a healthy lifestyle, but not for the correction of man boobs.

Don't Give Up: Our Gynecomastia Surgeon Can Help

Trying to Do it on Your Own Can Be Especially Discouraging

In pseudogynecomastia, weight loss will help reduce fat in the breasts. If necessary, surgery can fully correct the problem. In true gynecomastia, however, no amount of diet and exercise will cause man boobs to budge one bit!

When a man attempts and fails to correct gynecomastia through these means, he may suffer even more emotional turmoil.  In the majority of cases, the best action for correction is liposuction and/or the removal of breast tissue.

The exact plan for surgical correction of gynecomastia tends to come in steps.  While the overall look of the breast may be the same on the outside of the body, it is what we find on the inside that we pay the most attention to.

Difference in Surgical Approaches

Were a surgeon to remove only fatty tissue in a case of classic gynecomastia, the patient may be left with smaller breasts but still experience puffy nipples.

While liposuction may do much to remove fat tissue, it is important to our male breast reduction Long Island & NYC surgeons to also assess glands located within the male breast tissue. This will assure the elimination of the root cause and leave the patient with a chest that is ideally contoured.

What this all boils down to is that fat does play a role in gynecomastia, but overall weight loss is not the right answer for correction. The more the male patient can understand the specifics behind gynecomastia, the more informed his decision will be when considering his options.

Man boobs are not a self-inflicted problem that must be endured.  The body is an intricate working system in which, sometimes, mechanics go awry.

Fixing the problem on the outside, through the removal of excess breast tissue, a man's confidence can be restored and his life vastly improved.

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