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Liposuction procedures (whether tumescent or tumescent laser) are performed by one of our expert surgeons so you can count on safe liposuction in NYC and Long Island. You will arrive about 30 minutes prior to your procedure being performed so that you can change into a surgical gown.

We ask that patients arrive with no body lotion, hair styling products, perfume/cologne, makeup, or jewelry. These items can contaminate the areas being treated (or impede access) and compromise the sterility of the procedure.

Our staff will speak with you for a few minutes, asking you how you are feeling and helping you with any “game day jitters”. We find that once patients are able to express how they are feeling, they immediately become more relaxed. We will be sure to answer any remaining questions you may have and be sure that you are comfortable.

Photographs will be taken and the area of the body that will undergo liposuction will be marked down. After using the bathroom one last time, we will escort you to the procedure room and begin numbing the area that will undergo liposuction.

You will be given a sedative in a tablet form and an injection of a strong pain medication under the skin to help relax you and reduce discomfort during the numbing period.

Healing and Post-Operative Recovery Times

Though both tumescent liposuction methods have very short healing times and use tiny incisions that do not require stitches, there are several differences in their post-operative profiles. With tumescent liposuction, patients will experience some discomfort and moderate bruising afterwards due to the method by which the fat was removed (manually using a tube and suction).

Because the fat was manually removed, the blood vessels and nerves in the fatty layer of skin also become disrupted. This results in more bruising and post-operative discomfort than with laser liposuction. Recovery can take several days until a patient feels that their normal routine can be resumed.

However, with the unique tumescent methods we use in our liposuction New York surgical suites, discomfort and post-operative bruising are greatly reduced. The SmartLipo laser technology targets only the fat cells and leaves the blood vessels and nerves largely undisturbed.

Therefore, the post-operative profile is greatly improved when getting at our centers. Down time is reduced to just a few days and patients have far less discomfort and post-operative bruising following the procedure.

With either liposuction method, discomfort following the body sculpting procedure will occur to some degree after the local anesthetic wears off (this takes anywhere from 8 to 36 hours). For this reason, we encourage patients to take some extra strength Tylenol (or we can prescribe some Tylenol with codeine) to help make them comfortable.

One of the advantages to tumescent liposuction is the use of local anesthesia alone. Liposuction in NYC and Long Island means you don’t have to deal with the “hangover” feeling or nausea that occurs with general anesthesia. They can eat regularly right away and may shower the evening after the procedure.

We also encourage our patients to get up and walk around 24 hours after the procedure to encourage blood flow and healing to the treated areas. Exercise can be resumed (non-strenuous) about a week after the procedure.

Risks of Liposuction Procedures

As with any cosmetic procedure, liposuction carries its own risks. At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, however, our unique methods use only local anesthesia which greatly reduces the risks to our patients. Since general anesthesia is the element that causes the greatest risk to the patients, we have found a way to eliminate those risks by using only local anesthesia.

We ask our patients to provide a list of medications (prescription and over-the-counter) they are currently taking, including herbal supplements, so that we can reduce the risks of complications that can be brought on by these factors.

Some medications and herbs can cause the blood to thin, thus increasing the risk of excessive blood loss and compromising healing. That is why it is imperative that we know everything that a patient is taking.

Though only one treatment is needed in most cases, one of the risks of liposuction is rippling of the skin or a break-through of the skin caused by either the cannula or the laser. If this occurs, patients may require a follow-up treatment to resolve rippling or may need to undergo repairs to the skin if the cannula or laser breaks through the skin.

To reduce the risks significantly, we use the smallest sized cannulas possible and our expert surgeons have many years of experience. This is also why we use the tumescent fluid method; it enlarges the fatty cells and allows for more accurate removal of fat.

Our unique SmartLipo procedure helps to further reduce the risks of rippling under the skin because it melts away fat evenly and therefore does not leave behind lumps of uneven fat.

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This page does not convey or communicate all potential side effects, risks, or complications that can occur from laser liposuction or tumescent liposuction. Please contact our office to get a complete list. Smartlipo is a trademark of Cynosure, Inc.