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Specifics to Consider for an Updated Appearance

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While we cannot completely stop the hands of time as we travel through life, advances in medical technology do allow us to maintain a youthful exuberance for an extended period of time.  Although there are many more non-surgical treatments today than ever before, a good number of men and women visit our facelift Long Island & NYC practices that believe this procedure may be most suitable for the rejuvenation of their appearance.

As we age, the body tends to produce less of certain components that help us maintain a youthful appearance.  Due to a decrease in the production of collagen, the skin on the face, neck, hands and other body parts may begin to loosen and sag.

Without high amounts of hyaluronic acid, as are present when we are young, the joints may begin to stiffen, and skin will begin to develop lines.  Add to this natural process the effects of environmental pollutants, dietary habits, heredity and lifestyle choices, and you can very easily see how your appearance can change very quickly as you get older.

In fact, according to several plastic surgeon associations, facelift procedures are the third most sought after facial treatment in cosmetic surgery as of this writing.

The Importance of Expectations

When any cosmetic procedure is desired, the most important thing to consider and discuss with your plastic surgeon is what to expect.  This includes what to expect in terms of the procedure itself, the recovery period, and the overall results.  No facelift or other cosmetic procedure can miraculously give a person a sense of value where there was none.

Approaching any procedure with such an expectation for a miracle is a recipe for disappointment.  However, if your desire for treatment by our  facelift NYC & Long Island surgeons is to improve your appearance through rejuvenation, you're on the right track.

Determining Treatment

Facelift procedures may focus on a specific area, such as the forehead and brows in an upper facelift, or the jowls and chin in a mid-facelift.  In some cases, both areas can be addressed.  Additionally, this procedure may also be complemented by other treatments such as facial fillers and muscle relaxers for wrinkle treatment.

During the initial consultation phase, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will evaluate every aspect of your face and make recommendations while explaining the results that are possible with each.

Pre-Op Tips from our Facelift Long Island & NYC Team

Preparing for Surgery and Recovery

The facelift procedure is one that is performed under general anesthesia.  The patient can expect to feel a bit groggy immediately following his or her treatment, and possibly throughout the remainder of that day.  Although some patients find standard over-the-counter pain medication adequate, the doctor will prescribe pain medication that is stronger.  This prescription should be filled before the day of surgery so that it is available as needed.

Following treatment, the patient will likely experience a bit of bruising and swelling (this is normal).  Cold compresses may be used to keep swelling down and ease discomfort unless SmartLipo was performed under the chin or on the neck.  We provide snug compression garments for the face that will need to remain in place until a week or two have passed.

No patient or procedure is exactly the same, so what one may experience, another may not.  Some patients will heal very quickly after a facelift procedure while others may have remnants of bruising and swelling for longer.

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As stated, every patient will have his or her own unique experience after facelift surgery.  What will ensure a successful treatment is to have realistic expectations of the entire process.  For more information or to schedule your free facial rejuvenation consultation, please contact us today.