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Facelift Long Island & NYC Surgeons' Tips



facelift_long_island_facelift_manhattanFacial procedures are cosmetic enhancements that give patients the most dramatic changes. Skin is lifted and tighter, as it once was in more youthful years. Our facelift Manhattan & Long Island surgeons have many years of experience in giving patients their youngest look possible. Though a facelift is no real Fountain of Youth, it can be a great way to turn back some of the signs of aging.

A facelift can address loose skin, areas where fat has left the face such as in the lips and cheeks, and can also tighten sagging muscles in the face and neck.

The neck muscles (platismus) can separate and become very pronounced with age. Fat can acummulate under the chin and accentuate sagging skin that has started to become more noticeable. A necklift with liposuction can address fat pockets, loose skin and sagging muscles in one fell swoop. This is the most popular complimentary procedure performed by our NYC and Long Island surgeons.

As we age, our lips thin out and our cheeks become hollow, so removing fat from one part of the body (usually from the abdomen or buttocks) and transferring it to the lips and cheeks can plump them up naturally and provide a younger look instantly. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team is also highly trained to perform fat transfer procedures during facelifts.

Complimentary Procedures We Perform

Other procedures that compliment a facelift include:

  • Eye lift to lift upper lids and remove under eye bags
  • Brow lift to tighten the forehead skin and remove creases
  • Rhinoplasty to reshape the tip of the nose which may have changed with age


The eyes are the "windows to the soul", or so they say. When they appear haggard and sag, some people can begin to feel this same way on the inside. An eye lift is a procedure where the upper and lower lids can be tightened to reduce the appearance of hanging skin. An additional advantage of an eyelift procedure is that it can also address fatty pockets under the eyes (undereye bags) and loose muscles in the undereye area. Incisions are made in the crease of the upper lid for upper eye correction and inside of the lower lid for undereye correction. This keeps the evidence of your eyelift a secret! You'll simply look younger and more rested to those around you.

Many of our facelift Manhattan & Long Island patients most often choose an eyelift to be done along side their facelift procedure.


A brow lift is especially beneficial for patients whose foreheads have become creased and have fallen a bit with age. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team uses special microsurgery techniques to discreetly lift and smooth the forehead for an amazing transformation! Any deep wrinkles or creases remaining in the forehead after tightening is completed are resolved with dermal fillers and/or wrinkle treatment injections.


Aging can cause subtle, sometimes bothersome, changes to the tip of the nose. Nose reshaping, also referred to as a "nose job", can reduce the width or shape of the nasal tip to reveal and smoother and smaller nose. Rhinoplasty can be especially beneficial to patients who are looking to restore balance to their facial proportions or those who need a deviated septum to be repaired. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will skillfully and artistically contour your nose to give you a more balanced and youthful appearance.

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