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gynecomastia-before-after-9619-9889In the years our practice has specialized in the area of gynecomastia, we have seen a large number of "correction trends" come and go.  In truth, gynecomastia is somewhat of a tricky condition to deal with, as there are indeed multiple possible causes, and every man's body is different.

What we have found in treating men in our gynecomastia NYC & Long Island offices is that true gynecomastia, regardless of underlying cause, typically has only one treatment option for a successful outcome, and that is surgery.

Treatment by our Gynecomastia NYC & Long Island Surgeons

Read up on this condition and you may hear advice that diet and exercise will rid you of your man boobs.  Think of it this way, though.  Our bodies contain an average number of fat cells - both men and women.  When we gain weight, our fat cells expand in size, not in number.  What this means is that losing weight will shrink fat cells.

For the man who has pseudogynecomastia, which is the result of excess weight, a difference may be immediately seen.  However, even some men with excess breast tissue from excess weight may have a bit of glandular involvement, in which case the breast may decrease in size but not flatten out altogether. Some patients are not good candidates for surgery; weight loss alone will remedy the breast size issues they are facing.

Video: What is Gynecomastia, What Causes It, and How to Treat It

Does Exercise Fix the Problem?

When you consider the effectiveness of exercise for gynecomastia, think of the woman's body.  Women may tighten and tone their bodies, but breast tissue does not completely disappear.  The man who suffers from true gynecomastia can therefore not be expected to lose their man boobs any more than a woman can expect for her breasts to completely disappear with diet and exercise alone.

Of course, exercise is always recommended as a part of a healthy lifestyle.  When men complete treatment in our practice or visit our male breast reduction Long Island & NYC surgeons on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, we advise that follow up care should include regular exercise.  This recommendation, however, is for follow up from surgical correction.

Will Weight Lifting “Spot Reduce” Man Boobs?

We have seen men attempt to build muscle in the chest area in order to get rid of man boobs, only to find that this new buildup of muscle tissue causes breasts to protrude even more.  This occurs because the mammary gland, which is where the problem lies, is located on top of muscle tissue.

Some men, especially those in the body-building industry, resort to taking steroids in an attempt to reduce breast tissue and build muscle.  This treatment method is not only ineffective but can worsen or even cause gynecomastia, since steroids and androgens are counterproductive; reducing the natural production of testosterone.  Lowering testosterone contributes to excess estrogen, which in turn contributes to excess breast tissue.  Subsequently, when a man ceases to take steroids, gynecomastia tends to accelerate.

The Solution is Surgery by our Gynecomastia NYC & Long Island Surgeons

Treating gynecomastia can only be done through teamwork and expertise.  There are plenty of theories out there, but medical evidence has shown that this is not a condition that clears up on its own, nor is exercise a guaranteed path to success for those with true gynecomastia.

To discover a life without man boobs, contact us in our gynecomastia NYC office in Manhattan or in our male breast reduction Long Island location for your free consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.