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Finding the Best Surgeon

Having plastic surgery is a very personal and important decision that only you can make for yourself. It enhances your beauty but also carries a certain amount of risk because it is a surgical procedure.

After deciding that you definitely want to have surgery, what comes next?

Choosing your surgeon is just as important as deciding which area of your body you will be enhancing. For breast implant patients, the decision can be even more complicating:

  1. What should your breast implant be filled with?
  2. How large of an implant will accomplish your goals?
  3. Should it go underneath or on top of the muscle?
  4. Where should the incisions be placed?
  5. Which methods have the fastest recovery?

Custom Plans from Our Breast Enlargement Manhattan Team

In our Breast Augmentation Long Island & NYC centers, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will personally evaluate each of these factors as well as any others you may want to consider. The end result will be a personalized surgical plan that will compliment every curve of your new bust while giving you the safest procedure possible.

If you’re curious to know what our patients look like and what they have to say after their surgery, please visit our before and after gallery as well as our testimonials page. Patients from all over New York (and from around the world) come in to see the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team to receive surgery from top notch doctors who are well-qualified and highly experienced.

How to Choose the Best Breast Enlargement Surgeon

  1. Find out the doctor’s qualifications.
  2. Ask how many years they have been in practice.
  3. Discover how the surgeon’s patients look (view before and after pictures).
  4. Read reviews on their own website as well as third party review sites.

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