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Breast Enlargement Manhattan


Fortunately, women today have the choice to enhance their breasts when unhappy with their natural appearance. With treatment from our breast implants Long Island & NYC surgeons, women can take their appearance into their own hands and can achieve their desired shape and figure.

Deciding to have a breast augmentation is just the first step of the process.  Today, there are multiple options in breast implants which need to be discussed.  In the past, patients would merely choose which size of silicone implant they would be fitted with.  Today, patients may choose between silicone and saline.

They may also choose the specific shape of the implant and pick the most suitable incision location.   Additionally, there is the issue of breast implant texture, specifically smooth or textured.  In order to best choose, it helps to see the differences between the two.


Choosing Implant Types


Smooth Breast Implants

Smooth implants are encased in a smooth outer shell.  They typically are available in round shaped implants, and the shell itself is quite thin.  Some say that the smooth, round implant lasts longer than textured implants; but no specific testing has been performed to adequately prove that theory.

With a smooth implant, there is less risk of rippling and a wonderfully natural enhancement of cleavage.  Because of the movement within the pocket created during surgery, the smooth implant provides a very natural appearance.  This type of implant is suitable for the three different profiles:  low, moderate and high.

Although there are inherent benefits with a smooth breast implant, there are some disadvantages to consider.  Mainly, a smooth implant may stretch the pocket in which it sits, thus resulting in a lack of fullness in the upper area of the breast.

Textured Breast Implants

The texture of this type of implant feels like fine sand paper.  This type of implant was designed to reduce the risk of capsular contracture, the hardening of tissue surrounding the implant, causing it to feel hard and misshapen.  The idea is that the texture of the implant hinders surrounding tissue from growing too tightly around the implant itself.  Textured implants may be found in round and tear drop shaped shells, and provide a nice, natural contour.

The main disadvantage of the textured implant is that it may cause wrinkling or rippling on the skin due to surrounding tissues adhering to the implant.

The Great Debate

Because each type of implant has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which to use comes down to personal preference.  During your consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, you will discuss various factors that will all lead you to the most suitable type, shape, and profile of breast implant for your particular needs and body type.

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