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Rhinoplasty Tips for Looking Your Best

For many of our Long Island & Manhattan rhinoplasty patients, deciding to have this procedure is one that takes years.  Whether it is fear or misunderstanding that causes the delay in seeking surgical correction of a misshapen nose, patients often live with an appearance they don't love for far too long.


You're in Good Hands

In our facilities, patients can rest assured that their procedure is completed by a highly experienced professional. When you are ready to address the aspects of your nose that effect your overall appearance, you are certainly in good hands.

After having a nose job, patients are able to greatly improve their appearance and harmony among facial characteristics through the precise reshaping of the nose itself.

Due to the nature of this surgical procedure, patients also may experience correction of impaired breathing should there be structural abnormalities present.


Enhancing Your Appearance

Regardless of the cause of a misshapen nose, whether hereditary or injury, a nose job can:

  • Reshape the nose to be in proportion with other facial features
  • Improve the width of the nose at the bridge
  • Correct profile issues stemming from visible humps or depressions across the bridge
  • Reshape a nasal tip that is drooping, upturned or bulbous
  • Create a more symmetrical appearance
  • Improve the shape of nostrils

Customized treatment for every patient

Every patient is unique and thus receives a personalized treatment plan based on his or her concerns and overall appearance.  Before moving forward with nose surgery, the patient receives a comprehensive consultation during which he or she will discuss the results most desired.  The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will evaluate not only the patients current appearance but will also examine medical history and lifestyle habits.

Keys to a successful procedure

Treatment is most successful for patients who have completed the facial growth process, which usually occurs by the age of 13.  Patients should be in good physical health and ideally not smoke.  Also of great importance is the patient's goals.  These should be realistic and attainable, taking into consideration one's appearance.  The goal of rhinoplasty or nose job is to help you become the best version of yourself, not to resemble someone else.

Keys to recovery

Although each patient receives complete instructions for pre- and post-surgery specifics, one of the greatest keys to a successful recovery process is the patient's own mindset.  Being informed and prepared for the recovery process goes a long way in helping the patient proceed without a great deal of stress and anxiety.  For the first week to ten days following treatment, the patient will wear bandages.  It is possible that packing, splints, tubes or other materials will still be used during this initial phase as well.

Free Consultation with our Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a face altering surgery that can lead a patient to his or her ideal facial balance.  Understanding the steps through the process enables you to feel more confident and prepared.  Visit us in our Rhinoplasty Manhattan or Long Island offices for your free consultation with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.