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As we stay up on all the latest technology in our breast augmentation Long Island & NYC practices, we pass along interesting news to our breast implants Long Island patients as it comes down the pipeline.  Most recently, the “gummy bear” implant has become quite the hot topic.

Women who seek breast augmentation with breast implants have more options today than ever before.  While both silicone and saline implants are new regularly offered, women can now also choose from alternative options such as stem cell breast augmentation or, coming soon to American surgeons, the "gummy bear" breast implant.

Gummy Bear Implants for our Patients? Maybe!

The "gummy bear" implant is made of silicone.  The difference with this new and improved product is that the silicone contained within this implant holds its shape.  With this type of implant, women get results that look and feel more like natural breasts, one of the benefits only available with silicone, but there is no more concern over leakage because this silicone stays put even if a rupture should occur.  Different than its original silicone counterpart, the "gummy" stays soft and supple, rather than extremely firm, as occurs with overfilled saline implants.

An article in April's Allure magazine states that "gummy bear" implants are an innovative invention due to the fact that the gel contained within the implant does not migrate.  Were this implant to be cut, no material leaks out.  This characteristic is where its namesake comes from.

For the time being, our breast implants Long Island & NYC patients will have to keep watching, as we are, for new information to come out regarding FDA approval for the "gummy bear" implant.  Staying up on new options is what we do in our practices, so we can assure you we will continue to pass along news as we get it.  For now, the most recent development seems to be the FDA go-ahead received by Sientra, one implant maker, to market silicone gel implants in certain shapes.

Majority of Breast Augmentation Patients Choose Silicone

Silicone implants came onto the market but then went away temporarily due to health concerns.  Reintroduced back in 2006, silicone implants are now used with a much higher incidence of success than before.  Patients feel more comfortable with silicone as new technology brings safer materials and techniques.

In fact, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that breast augmentation was the second most popular plastic surgery sought by female patients in 2011.  Of the breast enlargement procedures performed, 69 percent of them used silicone implants rather than saline.

You deserve to feel completely happy with your overall physique.  In our breast augmentation Long Island & NYC practices, you may find the solutions best suited to your specific needs and goals.  Contact us for your free consultation in Commack or Manhattan (appointment line: 631.499.1831).