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Women’s bodies abdminoplasty_new_york_city_tummy_tuck_long_island_surgeryface several different challenges as they go through life.  Pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, significant weight loss, and hormonal changes are just a few of the factors that leave a woman feeling less than confident in her own skin.

A common misconception floating around today is that diet and exercise will take care of the issues that plague women.

In reality, there is much that can be accomplished through diet and exercise.  However, as many women have experienced, one of the side effects of life may be loose or sagging skin, or excessive skin that is left behind after great weight loss.

In these cases, treatment by our abdominoplasty New York City & Long Island surgeons is just what is needed to reach optimal body contours.

Attention Abdominoplasty Candidates: Don't Hide!

When we don’t feel great about our bodies, we tend to hide them.  For any patient, excess skin that sags causes great distress in many instances.  Wearing a bathing suit is an enormous challenge, and taking clothes off even during intimate moments with a significant other can be an unthinkable task.

If you can relate to the feelings of discomfort that come from loose skin, read on to learn more about how our surgeons can free you from the burden you carry and restore your appreciation for your own body.

Abdominoplasty surgery is also known as a tummy tuck.  This procedure, which is often combined with SmartLipo for the removal of those last stubborn fat pockets, is safe and effective at tightening the skin in the mid-section and can be combined with a breast procedure as a part of a rejuvenating Mommy Makeover.

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team Offers Custom Plans

Regardless of a patient’s reasons for visiting our  Long Island tummy tuck practices, he or she will receive a personalized recommendation based on body type and the amount of excess skin to be addressed.  Because any surgical procedure can cause a certain amount of stress, we make sure to answer all questions and provide ample information in order to allow the patient a fully confident decision.

We perform surgery in our AAAHC accredited surgical centers, sometimes using local anesthesia.  When general anesthesia must be used, we perform the procedure in the hospital. A half-moon shaped incision is made near the pubic area, spanning from one hip bone to the other.  This incision could be likened to that of a cesarean section, and is hidden under the panty line.

To correct the problem of sagging skin and stretch marks, the area of excess skin is separated from the muscle, and those muscles are then tightened to restore the tummy to a flat state.  After tightening has been completed, loose skin is assessed and cut away to provide the result of smooth skin over a taut tummy.  The belly button is also addressed, ensuring ideal placement.

Men and women both can benefit from a tummy tuck procedure.  Restore your body to its optimal shape with our precise treatment plan.  Contact us for your free consultation and learn if this treatment is right for you. We have NYC & Long Island tummy tuck offices for your convenience.

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