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Living with excess skin after major weight loss is not just uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing; it can also be a health risk. Infections can be prone to surface on anyone who has loose skin but this can be corrected through tummy tuck surgery at our abdominoplasty NY centers.

What Causes Infections?

The cause of possible skin infections comes from the extra skin that is hanging around the stomach region. There are folds of skin one on top of the other and when you go inside those folds you find that it is a dark, moist area that gets rubbed and moved around all day long. This is prime feeding ground for bacteria!

Chaffing can also occur and is quite uncomfortable. All the rubbing of the skin back and forth from your daily body movement will cause irritated skin that begins to hurt every time it moves. This can make everyday life difficult because every movement is now painful. Our patients also report that this discomfort keeps them from leading an active lifestyle.

Advice from our Abdominoplasty Surgeons

Alternatives are Not Always the Best Bet

Often times, people will use support garments that will hold in their excess skin and give them the ability to have a smooth belly under their clothes. Some even think this will help with infections as it eliminates some of the folds.

This is not true, however. By using support garments, you are making yourself susceptible to more infections as the garment creates an even better environment for fungus to grow. It will generate moisture and leave nowhere for it to go.

How Abdominoplasty Helps

With surgery by our abdominoplasty NY surgeons, you will be ridding yourself of the harms of bacteria! Your extra skin and fat will be removed and leave you with a smooth belly that will say goodbye to all infections. The hassle of having to deal with the uncomfortable infections and medications will finally be behind you.

Rid Yourself of Unhealthy Excess Skin!

Having an infection in the folds of your skin will be painful and it will only continue to grow or happen again if action is not taken. By having tummy tuck surgery, you will feel better about the body you are in and not have to worry about annoying infections any longer.

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