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We turn to magazines and movie stars to see what breasts look best and generally come away thinking how wonderfully gifted those women are and how much “I” am not.

Reality is, though, most of them weren’t born with it! Genetics are not always the fairest players so turning to skilled surgeons to give us a little boost is the way that many women today are going. Our breast augmentation Long Island & NYC team at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York is readily available to provide the services and procedures you want.

But is breast enhancement the right procedure for you?

Five reasons to consider contacting our breast augmentation offices:

1)  Help! I Still Fit In My Training Bra!

Having breasts that are too small is something you can't help. You may have an opinion that you look less feminine than you want (we hear this quite often form patients). Being a woman has the expectation of having some curves, but if your curves are barely noticeable, then you may want to consider breast enhancement.

2)  Excuse Me… Do You Have This Style In a Double J?

Being overly endowed can sometimes feel like less of a gift and more of a curse. Sizing becomes an issue and sometimes even a hassle! Not to mention all that strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. Whether you notice it or not, the heavier weight on your chest has been putting stress on your body for years.

3)  I Think My Genetics Got a Little Shaken Before Delivery…

Perhaps you’re one of those women whose breasts didn’t quite develop correctly. Generally, everyone has one breast a tiny bit larger than the other, but you’re among the group where one is MUCH larger than the other. Awkward spacing, one higher than the other, and breasts facing different directions are some other examples of breast deformity. It’s not uncommon but you know it is certainly unnerving. Many patients each year get treated by our Long Island & NYC breast surgeons on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

4)  I Felt Fine Before Having Children, But My Breasts Have Shrunk Since Then!

You are among many, if this is you! Post breast feeding, and also post exercise, can have you noticing a decrease in size on what once seemed a perfectly suitable figure. It’s only natural that you would feel different with your now smaller breasts.

5)  I Battled Breast Cancer And Had To Undergo a Mastectomy.

It’s something none of us ever thinks we will have to go through, but you have found yourself in the middle of it. Breast cancer is a serious issue that has been growing over the last decade, and our breast surgeons understand that going through a mastectomy can be a heavy experience. Having one, or in some cases both, of your breasts removed is difficult, but the opportunity to regain what you lost is what we are here for!

That’s Me, Alright. What’s Next?

Come in to see us today at our breast augmentation Long Island or NYC locations! We believe you should have the feminine figure you deserve! If you can relate to any one of the reasons described above and are seriously considering breast enhancement, please contact us today for your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!