As much as we would love to tell our patients they won’t have to have another breast augmentation for as long as they live after the first one, that is just not the case. While breasts can look perky after the first breast surgery, with age, they can sag. Breast augmentation can help this, though.

What Happens to Breasts Over Time

Breast Augmentation - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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Patients are often pleased with their breast augmentation for years following the surgery. As they grow older, they notice gravity starts taking over and their breasts sag. This is a normal age-related effect of the skin. Skin loses its elasticity, so the implants start to drop.

Patient do not have to deal with the sagginess of their breasts. It’s possible to get back the perkiness patients had after their first breast surgery.

Options to Add Cleavage and Perkiness to Breasts

We have a few different options to help people who have noticed their breasts are changing because of age. Breast lift and breast implant replacement are the most popular ways to achieve desired results.

About a Breast Lift

A breast lift involves making an incision in one of three ways:

  1. Around the areola
  2. Around the areola and then down to the crease of the breast
  3. Around the areola, down to the crease of the breast and across to the breast crease on the side

Once the incision is made the breast implant is inspected and then lifted. The lifting will help contour and firm the breasts. Once this is complete, the doctor will reposition the nipple and areola, and then remove excess skin.

After the extra skin is removed, the surgeon will bring the skin together to close the incisions. This makes the skin tight and smooth.

About New Breast Implants

Breast implants should be replaced every 10 years, but some women decide to do it earlier. Replacing the breast implants is a lot like getting a breast lift, except it involves removing the existing implants and putting new one in their place.

Some women decide to make changes to the size of their implants when they replace them. This is possible, so it’s important to speak to a plastic surgeon to discuss what size would be best.

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