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© Dmitriy Syechin – Fotolia.com

Last week, CNN featured one of its alumni from Fit Nation, Annette Miller. In 2013, she completed the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. This was a great achievement for her, especially after everything she has been through.

More than two years prior to her completion of the triathlon, Annette was faced with disappointment when she was told she couldn’t donate a kidney to her twin sister because of her weight. She was 385 pounds.

After her twin sister recovered from her transplant from another donor, Annette made it her mission to get healthy herself. She started eating healthier and exercising.

Finally Seeing Results: Loose Skin

By the time she went to Fit Nation in 2013, her clothes were hanging off her, but there was one problem. Her skin was hanging off her too. She describes it as having an apron falling between her legs. Instead of being able to show off her new body, she still had to hide it.

During the summer, she had had enough of the excess skin. She met with plastic surgeons and was able to remove the excess skin from her lower body, arms, chest and thighs with what is called a “full body lift.” On January 10, Annette’s surgeon was able to remove 21 pounds of excess skin and tissue from her body.

In Annette’s words, “Removing the skin was a physical shedding of the emotional weight that used to own me.”

Do You Have Excess Skin, Too?

Are you looking in the mirror feeling the same way that Annette used to? Do you wish you could finally see the results of your diet and exercise success by getting rid of the excess skin? We can help you.

Our board certified plastic surgeons have many years of experience removing loose skin and tissue due to significant weight loss. After having the extra skin removed, you’ll be amazed at how much “lighter” you will feel! It will motivate you to continue on your path of living a healthier lifestyle.

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