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Botched continues to impress fans all over the nation. There have been five prior episodes and they all bring fans back yearning for more.

Here’s a rundown of episode 6:

  • A man requests that a head scar be removed.
  • A woman turns to Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow for help after a cosmetic procedure overseas went wrong.
  • A breast cancer survivor that suffers from an exploded implant that has disfigured her breast.

Mike’s Head Scar Repair

Mike came to Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow because he had a deep scar on the back of his head. He ended up with the scar after deciding to get a hair transplant to help his receding hairline.

The doctor he chose said that he would remove a small amount of hair from the back of his head to completely fill the front. That was not what happened. Mike ended up with an 11-inch scar on the back of his head where hair never regrew.

After the doctors examined Mike’s head, they decided the only way to remove the scar was to place a saline implant in his head to stretch his skin enough to reduce the scar and bring his hair back together during the procedure. The best line from this episode was, “You want to put a boob implant in my head?”

The surgery went as expected, and so did the recovery. Mike ended up still swollen at the show’s update with him, but he was confident his scar would greatly improve once the swelling went down.

Michelle Is Passed Up for Internal Care

Michelle has a heart-wrenching story. At the age of 24, she was hit in the head by a horse. This left the right side of her face paralyzed and facial bones broken. She underwent 10 surgeries in two years to correct the disfigurement in her face.

Even though her face was the best it would be, she decided to continue getting cosmetic surgery. She decided to go to the Philippines to have a facelift and a cleft put in her chin. She didn’t like the cleft as much as she thought she would, so she asked the doctors if they could remove it.

The doctors decide to pass on this procedure because they believe Michelle needed to do some internal care. She needs to like herself first. She will never be happy with any cosmetic procedure until she is happy being herself, just as she is.

Cynthia’s Reconstructive Surgery for a Breast Implant Explosion

Cynthia has been through a lot in her life. In 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and lost her nipple. Afterwards, she had reconstructive surgery. Shortly after the surgery, she didn’t think her breasts looked right. She had scars and no nipple on her left breast. Cynthia tried to accept it and even got a tattoo of a lotus on her left breast to cover it.

Cynthia never felt confident about her reconstructed breasts, so she turned to the “Botched” doctors. They decide to do the procedure. The doctors were both shocked when they first discovered many cysts in her breasts, which were benign.

They were also surprised to see that one of her breast implants had exploded. They had to pull the silicone gel implant out piece by piece. Even with all of that, they were able to put in two new breast implants that were the same size.

After surgery, Cynthia loves her breasts. She now feels confidence and beautiful.

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