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The TV show, Botched, has been an instant success in reality television. It just ended its final episode in season one and has been picked up for a second season.

As the show’s producers and famous plastic surgeons (Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow) get ready for another set of “Botched” patients, let’s recap the first season’s episodes.

Episode 2 Recap – Janice, Cheryl, and Paul

In episode 2, Janice Dickinson “The World’s First Supermodel” stated that she was perfect, except for her breasts. When she first had her breast implants put in, she quickly noticed rippling around where the implants were. She wanted it fixed, so she turned to the doctors.

During the procedure, the doctors found the implants were gooey from a micro rupture in the implants. That wasn’t the most surprising thing unfortunately; they discovered two large masses that could have been cancerous.

Luckily, they were not cancerous, but Janice did come in to her post-op appointment exhibiting (as described on the show) drug-seeking behavior. She had removed all of her dressings and the drain. This could have led to a serious infection.

The doctors shared their concerns that if she didn’t suffer an infection, she might be found dead from an overdose due to her addiction someday.

Patient 2: Cheryl

The next patient was Cheryl. She stated she was born in China and just wanted to have her eyes look more “Caucasian”. She thought it would help her get a boyfriend. On a side note, this is never a reason to get a cosmetic procedure of any kind.

After a consultation and the doctors finding out that she had been using black market fillers, the doctors decided against doing the surgery on her eyes. It was just too much of a risk to her eyesight.

Patient 3: Paul

The last patient in episode two was Paul Levin. His nose had been broken twice when he was growing up. As a result, it was crooked and he also had a bump on the bridge of his nose. He had the bump removed by a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, but it wasn’t quite right.

He turned to the doctors to have his nose corrected. What’s special about Paul is that the same day as his surgery, his pregnant wife was finding out the sex of their baby.

When he comes out of anesthesia, his wife tells him they are having a boy. They decide to name the boy after Dr. Paul Nassif, a sweet gesture, although the father’s name is Paul as well.

Do You Wish You Could Get Some Help?

Following the recommendations that your doctor makes for post-op care is important to lower the risk of infection and complications.

It’s also important to heed the advice of plastic surgeons when they state that a surgery is too dangerous, such as in Cheryl’s case. Plastic surgery is meant to make you feel good about yourself, like in the case of Paul Levin.

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