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British Olympic champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington is now sporting a new nose–and it seems like she’s pleased with her transformation. The 25-year-old is now retired from swimming, but her record-breaking performance in the 2008 Olympics (earning her two gold medals) and further triumphs in 2012 (two bronze medals) put her in esteemed company as one of Britain’s best swimmers of all time.

Her old nose, however, is something she doesn’t want to be remembered for.

Cruel Comments

Unfortunately, bullying and cruel comments can be problems for anyone, but particularly for those in the public eye. Female celebrities and athletes, in particular, often have to endure taunting for their “imperfections” and are often made to feel ugly by reading or hearing comments about their features from all around them.

Olympic athletes are not immune, it seems, as Adlington has faced unkind words about her nose for years, despite her stellar performances and the fact that her appearance has nothing to do with her accomplishments as a swimmer.

During an interview, she discussed this point: “It was the hardest thing to get used to; I thought: ‘Why do people judge me for the way I look?’… It’s not as if I was trying to be a model.”

The Surgery

During her years as a champion swimmer, Adlington couldn’t consider getting surgery for the feature that plagued her, since she only got two weeks off a year. Recently, however, in retirement, she finally decided to undergo the procedure, and came out with a smaller, sleeker nose she seems happy to show off.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

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