Former Playboy Playmate and current Marriage Boot Camp reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson revealed in an interview on March 16, 2015 that she has decided to remove her breast implants.

She has several reasons why she has decided to remove them. Here’s the scoop on Kendra’s decision and how she feels it will affect her, both personally and professionally.

Breast Implants are Too Large for Her Current Lifestyle

© adrenalinapura -

© adrenalinapura –

She stated in her interview with the Daily Mail that she feels like her breasts aren’t supposed to be large any more. Her current phase in life has left her feeling “trapped” in her large-breasted body. She no longer feels that the person on the outside is reflecting who she is on the inside.

In an article on the Hollywood Life website, the writer surmises that Kendra will be very excited to see her “real body” after getting her implants removed. What do you think?

A New Image: From Playboy to the Playroom

For Kendra, life in the last few years has consisted of getting married, having her own reality TV show with husband Hank Baskett, and having two children.

Her body, however, was shaped and primed prior to that to be a Playboy model for maximum sexual appeal. That was her career and what she has become well known for.

As a wife and mother, Kendra now sees her priorities shifting. In a few out of character statements in her Daily Mail interview, Kendra decides that she no longer wants the attention of men.

She specifically said, “When I see guys saying, ‘Oh, you’re fat,’ I’m like yes! I’m glad I don’t turn you on any more because I don’t want to do that any more!”

Another quite beautiful sentiment that she expressed during her interview was about watching her daughter breastfeed. She said that she now looks at her breasts in a whole new light.

She hopes to “shed her Playboy image” even further after getting the implants out. Who knows what’s next for Kendra…maybe there’s a talk show on the horizon?

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