It’s no secret plastic surgery can be beneficial to people’s mental health. Being able to change an undesirable feature can significantly increase one’s self-esteem, self-love, and confidence. Despite these obvious effects, it’s always good to know what mental health experts believe about plastic surgery.

Boosts Quality of Life

Psychiatrists Weigh In on Plastic Surgery Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

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Research conducted by psychiatrists Katharine Phillips, MD and David Castle, MD found that people often view their plastic surgery positively, and this leads to a boost in quality of life. When people feel good about themselves, they feel good about their life.

It’s a Sign of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Research has shown there is a high prevalence of BDD among those who seek cosmetic surgery, especially those who seek it multiple times. When psychiatrists hear patients say they have sought multiple plastic surgeries, they are much more apt to consider BDD as a possible diagnosis.

Breast Augmentation Is Associated with Positive Emotional Outcomes

Studies suggest women who have breast augmentation procedures are happy with the results. This happiness helps them in social interactions because they are more confident. However, this confidence doesn’t last forever.

Many of the women who derived happiness from their breast augmentation found their happiness from the procedure decreased over time. This could be due to gravity taking effect (sagging breasts 15 years later), or societal factors (large breast are “in”, and 15 years later, they’re “out”).

Lifts Depression for Some People

For some people, plastic surgery can lift depression temporarily or even permanently. Many people become depressed because of the way they perceive themselves. When they seek plastic surgery, they change what they are displeased with, and that can sometimes change the cognitions that caused their depression.

It’s wise to note that some people do not find plastic surgery effective in lifting depression. It can actually have the opposite effect in some, leading them to suffer stronger symptoms of depression.

The Effects of Plastic Surgery on Your Mental Health

Every patient we work on undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure there are no obvious mental health issues contributing to their decision to seek plastic surgery. Plastic surgery should be a positive experience for patients. They should see this has a way to improve their appearance, so they can feel better about life. Mental health concerns can ruin that outcome, so knowing what is truly driving the desire for plastic surgery is important.

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*Always seek professional help for any psychological distress such as depression, obsessing about certain parts of the body, or the desire to have repeated plastic surgery procedures.