Post Divorce Plastic Surgery

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After a divorce, some people feel worthless and unlovable. This can dramatically lower their self-worth and even take a toll on their physical well-being.

In today’s world of BOTOX parties and not so happily-ever-after, more and more divorcees are deciding to head straight from the courtroom to the plastic surgery operating room.


Post-Divorce Discounts for Plastic Surgery

On a recent episode of The Doctor Oz Show, a segment was aired about plastic surgeons offering patients discounts that have gone through a divorce. According to a survey conducted by the show, 19% of plastic surgeons offer discounts to women who decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure.


Ego Boost or Revenge?

Post-divorce plastic surgery may or may not be a good idea. Men and women who have gone through a recent divorce can be in a vulnerable psychological state and can be easily taken advantage of.

They may think that going under the knife will make them more appealing to members of the opposite sex, thus making their self confidence increase from the attention they gain from their new body. They can also use plastic surgery as a method of revenge to get back at their ex, a kind of “look at what you lost.”


Are You a Good Candidate for Post-Divorce Cosmetic Surgery?

Before you decide to get a little nip and tuck, it is wise to ask yourself the following questions to see if you are a good candidate for post-divorce plastic surgery:

–          Am I doing this for me or am I doing it for somebody else?

–          Do I have lofty expectations from the surgery?

–          Are my surgery goals realistic?

–          Am I in the right frame of mind to undergo a serious medical procedure?

It is also a good idea to meet with a psychiatrist so that you can receive an expert opinion on your medical state, and also set up an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon to learn about the procedure before you get it.


We’re on Your Side

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