Each year, people look around them to see what others are doing with plastic surgery to improve their appearance. Some years, people look for a bigger butt, while other years, people want a smaller one.

The same goes for lips and breasts – the sizes continue to go up and down. Some attributes remain the same; a leaner appearance and a younger looking face.

As we move into 2016, we already have a good idea of what some of the plastic surgery trends will be. This way you can consider what others are doing and see if it matches up with the work you want to have done.

Smaller Breasts

Women are looking for smaller breasts in 2016. A new trend is happening where women who sought breast enlargement in the past decade or so will decide to have their implants removed or replaced with a smaller sized implant. Another trend is for those who are naturally well endowed; breast reductions in 2016 are expected to increase.

RealSelf conducted a survey, and twice as many doctors reported their patients were more likely to request a smaller enhancement when compared to previous years. This indicates that while some women want bigger breasts, they are not looking for big, voluptuous ones.

Plumper Butts

Plastic Surgery Trends for 2016 by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in Long Island and NYC.

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Kim Kardashian’s derriere is still holding the spotlight. People want her backside, and some of them will likely get one in 2016. While some plastic surgeons use butt implants, this procedure holds a high risk of complications such as infection and implant displacement.

The best way to plump the butt is to transfer fat from elsewhere in the body. Since many women would like certain areas of their body to be slimmer, this works out perfectly. With fat transfer, the fat from other parts of the body are transferred to the buttocks area via liposuction, fat purification, then injections.

Bigger Lips

Full lips are in for 2016. This trend started this year with 30% of dermatologists and 43% of plastic surgeons reporting that more women are looking for lip enhancements. Fillers are great for this purpose as it can fill the lips with a very natural look. Only an experienced injector can make lips larger without an unnatural look.

Neck and Chin Enhancements

The continued popularity of selfies has led to many people seeking facial plastic surgery. In the RealSelf survey, 68% of doctors report they expect many people coming in for neck and chin enhancements. Most of them will be stretching the skin to make it smooth and wrinkle free, and possibly liposuction to remove the appearance of a double chin.

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